March 8, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Frozen lake in Berlin

"Ice coat on my fav lakes still 8-10cm strong. Can anyone offer some cheap tickets to warmer climates?" (Posted by @lots_ of Berlin, Germany, March 8, 2009)


Cyclone Hamish threatens Australian coast

The live radar version of this picture is compulsive viewing, and you can see it here.

Per ABC News, large parts of Australia's Queensland coast are bracing for Cyclone Hamish. Up to 10,000 residents in one town have been told to consider evacuating.

Here's how Twitterers in the cyclone's path are tracking Hamish's progress:

@fraser_coast (Fraser Coast, Australia) Batten down - severe tropical cyclone Hamish is on our doorstep and threatens to bring gale force winds and heavy

@fraser_coast is also posting other tweets on the preparations for Cyclone Hamish

@brucerchapman (Sunshine Coast, Australia) ah crap we've been placed on tropical cyclone watch. Category 4 cyclone 'Hamish' headed straight for my house @

@RobertHoge (Brisbane, Australia) Relatively quiet night working in the corridors of power. Cyclone Hamish seems to be quietening down. Fingers crossed.

@zendainc Sleeping through tropical cyclone hamish. Your not so tough are ya?

@33driver (Hawthorne, Australia) Get out while u can ppl, harvey bay is not where I'd be when Hamish hits!

@philliprsmith (Brisbane, Australia) Arrived in Bundaberg chasing TC Hamish for ABC Radio. Into Hervey Bay tomorrow.


U.S. wants to talk with Taliban

Per New York Times, U.S. President Barack Obama wants to talk with moderate elements of the Taliban. Voice of America says the proposed new strategy comes after a realization the U.S. is not winning its war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. According to the Boston Herald, President Obama thinks the situation in Afghanistan is more complex than the situation in Iraq with regard to engaging enemy forces in dialogue.

Here's a snapshot of early Twitter reaction from North America, which seemed negative towards the idea:

@BruntonWells (Cleveland, USA) Agree in talking to other nations to try to settle issues if it makes sense. But Obama wants to talk to "Moderate Taliban." There are none.

@delmer (Arizona, USA) Obama says he will talk w/"moderate" Taliban. Whats that? Taliban that only believes in "moderate" (forced) female circumcision?

@Bighit15 (Florida, USA) What the hell is a Taliban moderate? Are they the ones who don't beat their women? Have American women been fitted for their abaya?

@michaelbyrns (Ontario, Canada) IT appears likely that Obama intends to lower the relationship with Britain, and now wants to improve it with the Taliban. http://tinyurl ...


International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day, and news sources round the globe are marking the date with diverse reporting on women's issues.
China's Xinhua News, has a feature on the everyday lives of women in Gaza. Voice of America reports on a women's conference in Liberia, while the Jamaica Observer looks at the roles of several high-profile women in Jamaican society.

Here's how women in the Twitterverse are spending their day on 8th March:

@WelshTart (Manchester, England) On my way to Manchester Town Hall 2 celebrate International Womens Day - here come the girls....

@SuzeMuse (Ottawa, Canada) Just saw a flock of geese fly over. And with that, Spring has arrived. Still Had to scrape my windows this morning. Oh, Canada. :)

@kse_ (St. Petersburg, Russia) I would like to wish every female on twitter a Happy International Womens Day!

@laurakendrick (Incheon, South Korea) I'm bleaching my roots... Big piles of happiness :D

@ExMi (Johannesburg, South Africa) My kid is learning more and more new words every day. He's so funny and so smart. *this* is why i love being a mommy.

@brevity (Manila, Philippines) Sittin beside the UST field. Guy stops dead infront, takes a portrait of me & walks on. Hoping he shot in P mode & RAW.

You can read more about International Women's Day at the official website. Photo website Flickr also has thousands of photographs tagged with "international women's day" to browse.


Soldiers killed in Northern Ireland terror attack

Per Irish Times, two British soldiers have been killed after a gun attack at their barracks in Northern Ireland. BBC Northern Ireland reports the attack is likely an attempt by dissident republicans to wreck the province's peace process. It's been 12 years since the last British soldier was killed in a terror attack in Northern Ireland.

@MTMcNicholl (Northern Ireland) drama..spent evening watching out mamys window 4 gunmen on the run after attack at #antrim, police thought they wer headin 4 mountshalgus!

@Yellachinook (Northern Ireland) RT @cimota: Anyone who doesn't condemn the killings in Antrim is no friend of Ireland. Hear hear!

@minipaws (Dublin, Ireland) shocked 2 hear of murder of british soldiers in antrim. gunmen arent republicans.theyre criminals trying to set our island back 20yrs.

@Joannemurphy9 (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Appalling attack in Antrim. Can't believe we are back to this crap. So sad.

@Amolta (Belfast, Northern Ireland) No response from Sinn Fein yet. Nolan on 5 Live has been trying to get a comment. Nada. #antrim


A Day In Lisbon, Portugal

@weatherljubljan (Lisbon, Portugal): Sunday: sunny, Temp: 8C/1C ,,,,

@bethannecalabro (Lisbon, Portugal): Have to have a talk with the birds about that happy chirpy thing they do in the morning that sounds like a *thundering* chorus.

@sylver (Lisbon, Portugal): just went to see watchmen, and it was something kind of awesome.. now having drinks with a friend

@pedroleitao (Lisbon, Portugal): Todays bike ride was tough. 22km algés -> príncipe real and back. But i feel great now drinking my chilled Corona Extra :)

@dbcm (Oeiras, Lisboa): Heading to Sesimbra for a fun dive :)

Picture of Lisbon:

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