March 29, 2009

A Day in Nairobi

Here's what some in Nairobi, Kenya, were tweeting about on Sunday. It included an apparent hostage situation at a local university.

  1. SWMaina
    swmaina Am at internet cafe for 30 mins then off to the Bwindi park, I cant go gorilla trecking because 1) have to pay $250 and 2) I didnt book :(
  2. Michael Mbaci
    Daraku_Tenshi Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap. Bliss.
    EASHOWBIZ KU (kenya) is burning, ruiru campus burnt down. avoid the are . to all our fans
  4. daniel duwa
    danielduwa Looking to the skies & thinking the must be more billion civilization than the bail out... out there some where
  5. Phares Kariuki
    kaboro @edObie Situation getting worse... A student has apparently been shot, hostels surrounded by GSU personnel. Offices burnt & comps looted.
  6. Phares Kariuki
    kaboro @69mb Students trapped in campus... They are texting, calling me and putting info on Facebook etc #KU_Strike
  7. lloydkikunzu
    lloydcommon finally its making it rain in nairobi.rain rain mek it rain,pour yo soothings on this global warming's pains.....


Featured TwitPic: Volcanic ash obscures sun in Alaska

"First pic of the ash over Anchorage..." (Posted by @tntoak, Anchorage, Alaska, March 29, 2009)


Beckham sets England appearance record

Per the Associated Press, David Beckham made history Saturday by competing in his 109th match for England in a 4-0 win over Slovakia. Beckham now holds the English record for appearances by a non-goalkeeper and looks to break the all-time record held by goalkeeper Peter Shilton at 125 appearances.

Twitterers in the United Kingdom quickly reacted to the news.

  1. AndyTheRoo
    AndyTheRoo (Sunderland, U.K.) thinks that it's utter bollocks how David Beckham could pass Peter Shilton's appearance record by only playing injury-time for England.
  2. bobbyc3
    bobbyc3 (London, U.K.) David Beckham wins his 109th cap for England. He is a hard working player, truly deserves it. Hope he scores this half!
  3. Graham Hamburglar
    grahamburglar (Manchester, U.K.) Congratulations David Beckham, and love the new England shirt. retro-a-go-go...
  4. James Dove
    jimmydove (U.K.) Thinks David Beckham is god pure and simple!
  5. Sam Piller
    SammyPiller (London, U.K.) Just watched David Beckham become England's most-capped outfield player of all time.