March 29, 2009

A Day in Nairobi

Here's what some in Nairobi, Kenya, were tweeting about on Sunday. It included an apparent hostage situation at a local university.

  1. SWMaina
    swmaina Am at internet cafe for 30 mins then off to the Bwindi park, I cant go gorilla trecking because 1) have to pay $250 and 2) I didnt book :(
  2. Michael Mbaci
    Daraku_Tenshi Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap. Bliss.
    EASHOWBIZ KU (kenya) is burning, ruiru campus burnt down. avoid the are . to all our fans
  4. daniel duwa
    danielduwa Looking to the skies & thinking the must be more billion civilization than the bail out... out there some where
  5. Phares Kariuki
    kaboro @edObie Situation getting worse... A student has apparently been shot, hostels surrounded by GSU personnel. Offices burnt & comps looted.
  6. Phares Kariuki
    kaboro @69mb Students trapped in campus... They are texting, calling me and putting info on Facebook etc #KU_Strike
  7. lloydkikunzu
    lloydcommon finally its making it rain in nairobi.rain rain mek it rain,pour yo soothings on this global warming's pains.....

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