March 30, 2009

Pakistan police academy attack

Per Associated Press, attackers have stormed a police academy in the Pakistani city of Lahore. There are reports of at least 11 people dead and others taken hostage as the drama unfolds.

BBC News reports the attackers gained entry to the academy wearing police uniforms.

Early tweets flagged up news resources for other Twitter users, and made comments on the ongoing situation.

@tahiriqbal (Lahore, Pakistan) just came to knw abt the attack on Police Academy in #Lahore. We'll never get control of Terrorists as long as we've currpt politicians.

@guppu (Pakistan) I heard someone on GEO disclosing where are secret weapons are lying in Police Academy! #Lahore

@nakulshenoy (Bangalore, India) One Pak tweeter already blaming the #Lahore terrorist situation on India! Sigh! When will we get over the blame game and work to a solution?

@chinchinchoo live coverage of lahore police academy hostages

@paknews (Pakistan) Gun battle at Pakistan police academy

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