February 22, 2009

"Slumdog Millionaire" takes Best Picture

Per the Chicago Tribune, Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire runs away with eight awards including Best Picture at the Oscars on Sunday. The film grossed over 160 million dollars prior to the awards ceremony.

Some twitterers from India expressed pride, mainly for A.R. Rahman, a prominent Indian musician who won 'Best Song' and 'Best Score' for the film.

@vimoh (New Delhi, India): India erupts with joy, says bravo Rahman!

@vijayendra_d (Pune, India): The good ol' allies --India and Britain get together to stomp its presence at the Oscars.

vivekanandan (Chennai, India): Proud of ARRehman & R Pookutty, laid road for indian talents, hope to see more oscar bringing talents from India

The win has sparked debate on whether or not this is an Indian film or a film about India.

@rajbir: RT @sreeyesh OK, to all the Indians thumping their chests like gorillas, for the nth time, Slumdog is *not* an Indian film. #oscars

@priyankarocks (Mumbai, India): @prakashd I am not pessimist. I am happy for slumdog but sad that it still takes a danny boyle to show us to the red carpet

@telljeeves (Bangalore, India): slumdog proves Indian movies hollywood style editing are best antidotes to recession. we have over 50 years worth movies still left for them

@jaggy (Chennai, India): Ok, apart from a Indian and Hollywood Movie, Slumdog Millionaire is also a British Movie (Director is British). Check: http://is.gd/kv1y


Ledger wins Best Supporting Actor

Per news.com.au, Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars for his "chilling portrayal" of the Joker in "The Dark Knight."

Ledger's father, mother and sister accepted the award in Ledger's place. "We really wish you were (here) but we proudly accept this award on behalf of your beautiful Matilda," sister Kate Ledger said.

Heath Ledger died in January 2008 from an accidental toxic mix of prescription drugs.

More than 1,500 tweets mentioning Ledger happened by 8:15 p.m. PST Sunday. Twitter-ers shared their thoughts on his win, many noting that they teared up during the acceptance speech.

@mattkiehl (Virginia): Thrilled Heath Ledger won a posthumous #oscar Dark Knight was an amazing, amazing movie! Very well-deserved.

@Idahomama (Idaho): is happy to hear that Heath Ledger won an Oscar, I think that was to be expected, him and his family deserve it, RIP Heath.

@askool (Fresno, CA): Did anyone actually doubt Heath ledger's win? He deserved it more than anyone. #heathledger #oscars

@what_tha (Melbourne): Had a tear in his eye hearing the Ledger's speech about Heath #oscars

@matineeidyll (Newcastle, Australia): Watching Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Anne Hathaway etc. tear up re: Heath's win is making me sniffle as well!

@GraziaMagAus (Sydney, Australia): heath wins for best supporting actor - and his family's speech moved our office to tears

Several Twitter-ers complained about how Ledger wasn't mentioned in the memoriam montage of those in the film industry who died. However, others quickly pointed out that Ledger died in January 2008, so he was mentioned at last year's Academy Awards.


Deadly blast rocks Cairo market

Per Reuters, four people were killed and 17 injured when a bomb exploded outside a crowded market in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The Khan el-Khalili market is a popular tourist destination, which resulted in injuries to at least 14 foreigners; two foreigners are believed to be among the dead. A BBC report confirmed only one fatality.

The explosive device was thrown from a passing motorcycle and discharged in the outdoor market, according to the BBC. Bomb disposal experts are defusing a second device on the scene that did not detonate. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

One Twitter user based out of the U.S. appeared to be in Cairo at the time and document his reactions to the news.

@Ramblurr: Bomb in Cairo. I'm ok.

@Ramblurr: Wow. I'm safe, but I know 2 people who were at Khan al-khalili .. no word yet. I hope they're ok

@Ramblurr: The internet is slow but, the local Egyptian TV says 4 killed and 12 wounded thus far. Two bombs, one was "safely detonated"

Another user documented his reaction in Cairo and recalled a similar incident four years ago.

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): Explosion downtown at a cafe near the Khan. We're far away, alhamdulillah

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): 2nd explosion at the Khan while they were diffusing the bomb. 4 dead now, 18+ injured. Yikes. #Cairo

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): Just called my home teaching families as part of the branch emergency phone tree. Everyone's okay. #Cairo

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): This happened four years ago in almost the same spot, across the street at al-Azhar http://bit.ly/117AWQ #Cairo

Other users simply ale
rted loved ones that they were safe.

@ibrakoor (Cairo, Egypt): :there was a bombing in Cairo 45 minutes ago at Khan al-Khalili. I am safe. I live outside the city. But I go to that area all the time.

@ahmednaguib (Cairo, Egypt): @justlikeanovel we are okay thanks, our home is really far from where the bombings took place so everything is cool.

@markjaffrey (Cairo, Egypt): In case anyone is worried, we were nowhere near the bomb blast in the centre of Cairo this afternoon. We live 8 miles south of the centre.

Another Twitter user claims Egyptian security forces are preventing coverage of the event and provides images (posts in both Arabic and English).

@ircpresident (Egypt): الأمن يمنع المصريين من تغطية الحدث، Security blocks journalists to prevent them from coverage. Http://is.gd/ksFl


Australia: National Day of Mourning

Per Melbourne Herald Sun website, Australia observed a day of national mourning on Sunday, to remember the victims of wildfires that swept through parts of Victoria state in the past few weeks. More than 200 people lost their lives in the deadly fires, with many hundreds more left homeless after their properties were destroyed.

The danger, however, is not over. ABC News Australia reports that some residents are again being warned to evacuate their homes east of Melbourne, as wildfire conditions again worsen.

Twitter users have marked the day of remembrance with their own thoughts, observations and concerns about continued fire risks:

@GayleHoward (Melbourne, Australia) the bells have sounded in Melbourne to mark the beginning of a memorial service "Australia's national day of mourning" post bushfires #fb

@charlesjtan (Australia) will turn the pages of history tomorrow and draw a line in the sand of this long drawn memorial.

@chezz_ctack (Murray River, Australia) I was very impressed with the memorial service for the fire victims - it was very inclusive and respectful.

@veganbaker (Down Under)lots of bushfire prep today around bakery. hot northerlies expected. don't like firing the oven in these conditions.

@kennethw (Canberra, Australia) listening to the bushfire aid CD I brought today, all proceeds go to the salvo's appeal

@baycityspoon Just got back from the cricket. Good night in support of the bushfire victims

@jimknaggs (Melbourne, Australia) Have greeted and thanked Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal today for support in Bushfire relief. AND representing Salvos at the Australian memorial Service for Bushfire victims and workers.

@mrsc2902 (Victoria, Australia) Just home from Melb - driving through bushfire areas was very sad and sobering. Some places unrecognisable.


Venus salutes Israeli after winning Dubai Open

Per BBC, after winning the Dubai Open on Saturday in the United Arab Emirates, Venus Williams made special mention of Israeli player Shahar Peer, stating it was "a shame one of our players couldn't be here." Peer's visa was denied in a political controversy, as previously reported by Breaking Tweets.

Twitter users applauded Venus for the reference.

@floatr (Dubai, UAE): Venus mentions Israeli player's absense at Dubai Open. Respect and congrats!

@emandelbaum (New York): Venus Williams hails 'brave' Peer after winning UAE tourney http://bit.ly/EEZW4

News also broke Saturday that another tennis star Andy Roddick is making a statement as a result of the Peer situation. He said he will boycott the Dubai Open men's tournament next week, according to AFP.

Tweets were quick to praise Roddick.

@brianoflondon (Tel Aviv, Israel): Andy Roddick does the right thing: pulls out of Dubai citing treatment of Shahar Peer. Bravo! http://bit.ly/JBnmF

@jmuller (San Jose, Calif.): congrats to andy roddick for refusing to play in Dubai in support of Shahar Peer

@jamesbregenzer (Chicago, Ill.): Sweet: Andy Roddick, WTA come down hard on Dubai for banning Israeli player http://is.gd/koQS #icot #tcot

@rebutantiIsrael: Special congratulations to Andy Roddick for publicly stating that he will not play in Dubai to protest discrimination against Shahar.

As of this post, no negative tweets could be found for either Venus' words or Roddick's pullout.