February 22, 2009

Deadly blast rocks Cairo market

Per Reuters, four people were killed and 17 injured when a bomb exploded outside a crowded market in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The Khan el-Khalili market is a popular tourist destination, which resulted in injuries to at least 14 foreigners; two foreigners are believed to be among the dead. A BBC report confirmed only one fatality.

The explosive device was thrown from a passing motorcycle and discharged in the outdoor market, according to the BBC. Bomb disposal experts are defusing a second device on the scene that did not detonate. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

One Twitter user based out of the U.S. appeared to be in Cairo at the time and document his reactions to the news.

@Ramblurr: Bomb in Cairo. I'm ok.

@Ramblurr: Wow. I'm safe, but I know 2 people who were at Khan al-khalili .. no word yet. I hope they're ok

@Ramblurr: The internet is slow but, the local Egyptian TV says 4 killed and 12 wounded thus far. Two bombs, one was "safely detonated"

Another user documented his reaction in Cairo and recalled a similar incident four years ago.

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): Explosion downtown at a cafe near the Khan. We're far away, alhamdulillah

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): 2nd explosion at the Khan while they were diffusing the bomb. 4 dead now, 18+ injured. Yikes. #Cairo

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): Just called my home teaching families as part of the branch emergency phone tree. Everyone's okay. #Cairo

@andrewheiss (Cairo, Egypt): This happened four years ago in almost the same spot, across the street at al-Azhar http://bit.ly/117AWQ #Cairo

Other users simply ale
rted loved ones that they were safe.

@ibrakoor (Cairo, Egypt): :there was a bombing in Cairo 45 minutes ago at Khan al-Khalili. I am safe. I live outside the city. But I go to that area all the time.

@ahmednaguib (Cairo, Egypt): @justlikeanovel we are okay thanks, our home is really far from where the bombings took place so everything is cool.

@markjaffrey (Cairo, Egypt): In case anyone is worried, we were nowhere near the bomb blast in the centre of Cairo this afternoon. We live 8 miles south of the centre.

Another Twitter user claims Egyptian security forces are preventing coverage of the event and provides images (posts in both Arabic and English).

@ircpresident (Egypt): الأمن يمنع المصريين من تغطية الحدث، Security blocks journalists to prevent them from coverage. Http://is.gd/ksFl

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