February 22, 2009

Australia: National Day of Mourning

Per Melbourne Herald Sun website, Australia observed a day of national mourning on Sunday, to remember the victims of wildfires that swept through parts of Victoria state in the past few weeks. More than 200 people lost their lives in the deadly fires, with many hundreds more left homeless after their properties were destroyed.

The danger, however, is not over. ABC News Australia reports that some residents are again being warned to evacuate their homes east of Melbourne, as wildfire conditions again worsen.

Twitter users have marked the day of remembrance with their own thoughts, observations and concerns about continued fire risks:

@GayleHoward (Melbourne, Australia) the bells have sounded in Melbourne to mark the beginning of a memorial service "Australia's national day of mourning" post bushfires #fb

@charlesjtan (Australia) will turn the pages of history tomorrow and draw a line in the sand of this long drawn memorial.

@chezz_ctack (Murray River, Australia) I was very impressed with the memorial service for the fire victims - it was very inclusive and respectful.

@veganbaker (Down Under)lots of bushfire prep today around bakery. hot northerlies expected. don't like firing the oven in these conditions.

@kennethw (Canberra, Australia) listening to the bushfire aid CD I brought today, all proceeds go to the salvo's appeal

@baycityspoon Just got back from the cricket. Good night in support of the bushfire victims

@jimknaggs (Melbourne, Australia) Have greeted and thanked Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal today for support in Bushfire relief. AND representing Salvos at the Australian memorial Service for Bushfire victims and workers.

@mrsc2902 (Victoria, Australia) Just home from Melb - driving through bushfire areas was very sad and sobering. Some places unrecognisable.

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