March 26, 2009

Featured TwitPic: March Madness in Glendale, Arizona

"Our view. Go Mizzou!" (@stonewunder at the Missouri-Memphis NCAA college basketball game in Glendale, Arizona, March 26, 2009)


Manchester United seeks new sponsorship with India

Per ESPN, “Manchester United have sent a shirt sponsorship proposal to the Indian conglomerate Tata Group.”

AIG logo currently lies on the jerseys sported by the Manchester United soccer team. AIG, already dismantled has said they will not be renewing their sponsorship with United that is set to expire May 2010 and may have issues of paying the 14 million pounds owed to United.

India's Tata Group has expressed serious interest in sponsoring Manchester United and the news of new sponsorship has twitterers reacting:

  1. Cindy
    xxslindyxx (Queens, New York) oh snap! Indian based Tata group to be Manchester United's new kit sponsor?? Kinda, really cool (to me at least)!
  2. patrick iyonsi
    sabremind (USA) "Manchester United have sent a shirt sponsorship proposal to the Indian conglomerate Tata Group." What, AIG isnt doing it for them anymo ...
  3. Amit
    amitayre (India) Tata has a sponsorship proposal for Manchester united. Would love to c their T-shirts if it happenes :)
  4. Guardian Business
    BusinessDesk (London) Guardian business: Manchester United may lose out on £14m of AIG cash as political pressure mo..


Israel faces allegations of war crimes

Per The National and BBC, allegations of improper use of white phosphorus in civilian areas during its three-week Gaza offensive are starting to hound Israel.

This week, Human Rights Watch (HRW) made public a 71-page report giving witness statements of the effects of white phosphorus in civilian areas. The group called for Israel to stop using the incendiary substance in January during the Gaza attack. While White phosphorus is legal under international law, HRW said it believes the chemical should not be used in densely-packed civilian areas like Gaza, due to the "horrific burns" it can cause.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) issued a statement saying it was conducting an investigation, but could already conclude that it used munitions in accordance with international law.

Some Twitterers disputed the veracity of the claims.

  1. Kashmiri Nomad
    islamwest #Israel War Crimes or Journalistic Pogrom ?
    IsraelSupporter "War Crimes" and Shoddy Journalism - Ha'aretz and The Guardian's war crimes allegations debunked: #israel #tcot

Others wondered about independent investigations of both IDF and Hamas.

  1. NPTE 2009
    npte2009 Elim Res 2b: The European Union should establish a tribunal for violations of international law committed by Hamas and/or Israel in Gaza.
  2. JonBibbs
    JonBibbs SMH. Even Israel's own soldiers are testifying as witnesses of war crimes against the Palestinians. I wonder what the U.N. will do?

Some expressed frustration and cynicism, while others continued to investigate.

  1. Max Forte
    1D4TW #gaza: #israel "Dissident Voice : Israel’s Attack on Gaza: Legitimate Self Defense or War Crime?" ( )
  2. GeekyArtistArabWoman
    lubzi i discovered one of my favourite twitters is an israel crimes defender. he must be chosen or something. frack this-what's wrong with humans?
  3. gildas sapiens
    gildassapiens Israel allows Palestinians only 78% of water needed for health. Do you want to die of thirst or in an IDF holy war crime?
  4. Fiona Bateson
    fjb_123 Israel Troops Admit Gaza Abuses.....: But They’re Not Human Beings, They are Not People, They are Arabs! Or as m..

Finally, the Huffington Post Tweeted a link to a video.

  1. HuffWorld
    HuffPostWorld HRW released a report accusing Israel of war crimes in Gaza. Check out their video of a UN school attacked:


Italy and Swiss redrawing borders

Per CNN, due to melting glaciers, the Italian and Swiss governments are sitting down to redraw their borders between the two countries in the Alps. According to to the Italian Military Geographic Institute, climate change is to blame. This bill is going through the Italian Parliament and is expected to become law in April.

Twitterers voiced their opinions on the new impact climate change is having:

  1. eluriravi
    eluriravi (California) Swiss & Italy are redrawing their border lines due to melting glaciers along their borders -- thx to global warming!!!!!
  2. madisonmag
    madisonmag (Australia) Melting glaciers force Italy & Switzerland to redraw border. This is not good guys.
  3. Jamie Quirk
    consciousstream (Washington, D.C.) The Alps are melting, may force Italy/Switzerland to redraw borders. Are we ready to address climate change yet?
  4. Barbara Rademacher
    BarbRad (Rogers, Ark.) Finally happened: CNN rpts Italy, Switzerland renegotiating borders bcs Alps glaciers melting.

Some Italian news outlets tweeted the news:

    repubblicait (Rome, Italy) Clima, i ghiacciai cambiano i confini con la Svizzera, the glaciers are changing the borders with Switzerland
  2. VareseNews
    varesenews (Varese, Italy) News - Si sciolgono i ghiacciai: cambiano i confini tra Italia e Svizzera News - You glaciers melt: change the borders between Italy and Switzerland
  3. cronaca24
    cronaca24 (Rome, Italy) Clima, i ghiacciai cambiano i confini con la Svizzera Climate, the glaciers are changing the borders with Switzerland


A Day in Berlin, Germany

It's 9 a.m. in Berlin but Germans couldn't wait to start tweeting.

  1. Peter
    peterpixel starting the day with the colbert report
  2. Nerses Chopurian
    Chopurian On my way to Frankfurt. Will talk about "Prosuming" and Cultur of Auctions" at a conference of Goethe University
  3. Norbert Breuer
    NBreuer Heute Vormittag Sitzung mit Bioenergieverbänden zur Planung der Internationalen Grünen Woche 2010. Präsentation steht. (Meeting with bioenergy associations this morning to plan the International Green Week, the 2010th Presentation)
  4. Roswitha Siedelberg
    TheInfatuated Good morning world! I've risen, but I'm not yet shining. Breakfast is a clear morning priority.


Sony launches Indian video game for PS2

Per the Times of India, Sony PS2 launched its first Indian video game based on Hindu content from the country's indigenous culture. 'Hanuman-Boy Warrior' will be available in the Indian market for Rs 499.

Twitterers posted initially from Sony's press conference in Mumbai.

  1. Anand Ramachandran
    bigfatphoenix at the launch of the very odd and very significant hanuman game for playstation. 45 min late already
  2. raokrishna
    raokrishna At the Hanuman PS2 press con... Ppl dont know the diff between history and mythology
  3. raokrishna
    raokrishna Press con turns into religious fest... Hanuman chalisa being recited

Others were simply anticipating the launch.

  1. Bhavna Bharvani
    bhavnabharvani (Mangalore, India) getting ready for the launch of hanuman boy warrior...should be interesting
  2. Sathya
    SathyaBhat (India) Hanuman, Boy Warrior anyone ?