February 13, 2009

London Plane In "Hard Landing"

Per BBC London, a British Airways plane has made a "hard landing" at London's City airport. The flight from Amsterdam had more than 60 passengers on board, but they were all evacuated safely.

@kirth (London, England) Damn, I fly from City tomorrow morning: BA jet in airport 'hard landing' tinyurl.com/c5dt5c

@Londonist (London, England) Plane "Lands Hard" At City Airport: Bloody hell. This hasn't been a good Friday 13th for air travel. 50 were kil.. tinyurl.com/dafbah

@kazunorikotoba London City Airport Landing Scare: British Airways Passengers And Crew Evacuated Safely From Plane | UK News | tinyurl.com/ahewle

@icedtea_sarcasm And a crash landing at London City Airport. What's going on?

@MrOil (New York, USA) British Airways flight from Amsterdam with 67 passengers and 4 crew crash lands at London city airport

@thehodge (Leeds, England) Due to an aircraft incident London City Airport is currently closed. Passengers are advised to contact their airline!?!?!


A Day in New Delhi

New Delhi is a busy cosmopolitan city, full of tech-savvy netizens. But what did they do today? Here's a selection of tweets representing a day in New Delhi:

@arvindvm watching 'streetcar named desire'...love that film

@hashbrownie has fallen in love with BOSE all over again. Uncomplicated and practical beautiful sound delivery.

@honeytech just returned to home from a meeting.

@shikhabirdie Boss is taking us out for lunch! My pledge excludes treats. Its a special case na. :) Putting system on stand by. Will resume later! Bye!

@utopianmonk need some tome to recover from all the numbness in knees...after attending the ARYANS pomp....!!

@stroft Finally done with a 4-hour café work marathon. Now: tapas time!

@nithinkd I think India should have an ingenious version of Valentine's day called Kamasutra day or something, and stop celebrating Valentine's day :)

@aayush214 loves Windows 7....ready to buy it already....Microsoft did learn from Vista failure.

@vikassaurabh is it gonna be another lonely valentine's :)

@sandeepsripada 136 unread tweets. My god .. was off for way too many days!!!

You can find out more Indian news on Twitter by following @desinews or @indianews

And if you check out the BBC News South Asia page you'll get a snapshot of the big stories making headlines in India.

India's IBN News website also has a lot of stories, photographs and video clips from today's India news.


Iraq Female Bomber Kills Dozens

Per MSNBC, a female suicide bomber has killed at least 40 people - mostly women and children - and wounded 60 others at the town of Iskandiriya south of Baghdad.

The BBC website puts the death toll lower, at 32, and also has video of the bomb aftermath.

And of course you can watch my own report about female suicide bombers in Iraq by clicking here.

This is one of those stories with no personal tweets of the bombing. But lots of twitters post and retweet news items about the bomb blast and make their own comments:

@Zissy (Long Beach, California) At least 32 killed in Iraq suicide attack: At least 32 pilgrims were killed and 55 others injured in .. tinyurl.com/cpl8mk

@JadedBarbie (Newport News, Virginia) So ... initial media is fem. suicide bomber killed 40. Then there was an article saying 35. Now there's one saying 32. Phoenix downs?

@zeroping Female suicide bomber kills 40 in Iraq tinyurl.com/b5taxl

@cicatrix1 (Los Angeles, California) It makes me really sad when AP reports about Iraq bombings read like a list of high scores.

@yckong (Shanghai, China) Suicide bomber kills 32 in attack on Shiite pilgrims in Iraq: A female suicide bomber with explosives hidden und.. tinyurl.com/boj4tl

@rainzine (Vancouver, Canada) overwhelmed by the killings around the world.


50 dead in Buffalo plane crash

Per CNN, a Continental Airlines flight crashed in a suburb of Buffalo. N.Y. Thursday night, killing all 44 passengers and five crew members on board.

There was also one confirmed fatality on the ground after the craft went down at about 10:20 p.m. Eastern time in Clarence Center, about seven miles from Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, according to CNN. The flight was en route from Newark, N.J.

Dozens followed the news on Twitter and posted personal reactions, including @gregfinn, who was flying into Buffalo on a later flight.

@gregfinn (New York): The plane in front of mine arriving in Buffalo crashed, probably no survivors. Thoughts are with those all those families & friends

@gregfinn (New York): There were two of the cutest kids ever that looked to be waiting for their dad, I hope he was on my flight

@gregfinn (New York): My plane landed in Buffalo 9 minutes after the crash, there was no ice or anything at all that I saw, the visibility was horrible tough

For those living in the Buffalo area, the tragedy had a direct impact.

@DragonFire1024 (Buffalo, N.Y.): flt 3407 was the same plane I took to & from Newark when I went to NH for Xmas and New Years. I thought about about the ice I saw on it too

@allisonwilton (Buffalo, N.Y.): still in shock about the plane crash...a girl who works at guest service lost her father who was on the plane :(

@RITBeast (Cheektowaga, N.Y.): Hoping I don't know anyone in the plane crash.

Others, not as close to the action, watched the story unfold on live news.

@BryanKersey (Valdosta, Ga.): OMG So horrible plane crash in Buffalo NY, Watching on CNN now. There is fire everywhere. CNN "Not much of plane exists"

@BryanKersey (Valdosta, Ga.): CNN "Plane Crashed Into House" Such a shock & so sad after the miracle that happened a few weeks ago.

@BryanKersey (Valdosta, Ga.): Such a tragedy & the day before Valentine's Day.

But the majority of those stopping at Twitter to take in the news merely used their 140 characters to send prayers and good wishes.

@amandashelburne (Long Beach, Miss.): Going to bed now. Please lift up a prayer for the family and friends of those lost in tonight's plane crash in Buffalo!! Goodnight Twitter.

@annaosgoodby (Eugene, Ore.): my prayers go out to the 49 killed in plane crash near buffalo

@TheMacMommy (Tucson, Ariz.): sending prayers & thoughts to family & friends of Buffalo New York plane crashed that killed 49. Life is too short. Say I Love You everyday.