February 13, 2009

Iraq Female Bomber Kills Dozens

Per MSNBC, a female suicide bomber has killed at least 40 people - mostly women and children - and wounded 60 others at the town of Iskandiriya south of Baghdad.

The BBC website puts the death toll lower, at 32, and also has video of the bomb aftermath.

And of course you can watch my own report about female suicide bombers in Iraq by clicking here.

This is one of those stories with no personal tweets of the bombing. But lots of twitters post and retweet news items about the bomb blast and make their own comments:

@Zissy (Long Beach, California) At least 32 killed in Iraq suicide attack: At least 32 pilgrims were killed and 55 others injured in .. tinyurl.com/cpl8mk

@JadedBarbie (Newport News, Virginia) So ... initial media is fem. suicide bomber killed 40. Then there was an article saying 35. Now there's one saying 32. Phoenix downs?

@zeroping Female suicide bomber kills 40 in Iraq tinyurl.com/b5taxl

@cicatrix1 (Los Angeles, California) It makes me really sad when AP reports about Iraq bombings read like a list of high scores.

@yckong (Shanghai, China) Suicide bomber kills 32 in attack on Shiite pilgrims in Iraq: A female suicide bomber with explosives hidden und.. tinyurl.com/boj4tl

@rainzine (Vancouver, Canada) overwhelmed by the killings around the world.

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