February 13, 2009

50 dead in Buffalo plane crash

Per CNN, a Continental Airlines flight crashed in a suburb of Buffalo. N.Y. Thursday night, killing all 44 passengers and five crew members on board.

There was also one confirmed fatality on the ground after the craft went down at about 10:20 p.m. Eastern time in Clarence Center, about seven miles from Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, according to CNN. The flight was en route from Newark, N.J.

Dozens followed the news on Twitter and posted personal reactions, including @gregfinn, who was flying into Buffalo on a later flight.

@gregfinn (New York): The plane in front of mine arriving in Buffalo crashed, probably no survivors. Thoughts are with those all those families & friends

@gregfinn (New York): There were two of the cutest kids ever that looked to be waiting for their dad, I hope he was on my flight

@gregfinn (New York): My plane landed in Buffalo 9 minutes after the crash, there was no ice or anything at all that I saw, the visibility was horrible tough

For those living in the Buffalo area, the tragedy had a direct impact.

@DragonFire1024 (Buffalo, N.Y.): flt 3407 was the same plane I took to & from Newark when I went to NH for Xmas and New Years. I thought about about the ice I saw on it too

@allisonwilton (Buffalo, N.Y.): still in shock about the plane crash...a girl who works at guest service lost her father who was on the plane :(

@RITBeast (Cheektowaga, N.Y.): Hoping I don't know anyone in the plane crash.

Others, not as close to the action, watched the story unfold on live news.

@BryanKersey (Valdosta, Ga.): OMG So horrible plane crash in Buffalo NY, Watching on CNN now. There is fire everywhere. CNN "Not much of plane exists"

@BryanKersey (Valdosta, Ga.): CNN "Plane Crashed Into House" Such a shock & so sad after the miracle that happened a few weeks ago.

@BryanKersey (Valdosta, Ga.): Such a tragedy & the day before Valentine's Day.

But the majority of those stopping at Twitter to take in the news merely used their 140 characters to send prayers and good wishes.

@amandashelburne (Long Beach, Miss.): Going to bed now. Please lift up a prayer for the family and friends of those lost in tonight's plane crash in Buffalo!! Goodnight Twitter.

@annaosgoodby (Eugene, Ore.): my prayers go out to the 49 killed in plane crash near buffalo

@TheMacMommy (Tucson, Ariz.): sending prayers & thoughts to family & friends of Buffalo New York plane crashed that killed 49. Life is too short. Say I Love You everyday.

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