February 12, 2009

Another Obama cabinet member steps aside

Per the Washington Post, "New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg has withdrawn his name from consideration as President Obama's commerce secretary, a major blow to an administration seeking to put a series of Cabinet problems behind it."

@GLBcnn broke the news to the Twitter world, citing the AP.

@GLBcnn (Atlanta): (AP) -- Judd Gregg withdraws nomination for Commerce Secretary.

Over the next hour, 913 tweets streamed in containing the words "Judd Gregg," both twitterers sounding off and news organizations reporting the news.

There was a healthy mix of praise and backlash of Gregg's decision.

@Fahrington (New York City): Annoyed with with Judd Gregg and his party

@tjbrown (Chicago area): #tcot Judd Gregg resigns. We're working from different viewpoints... Amen, Judd. http://drudgereport.com/flashgg.htm

@moxiegirl23 (Manchester, N.H.): Judd Gregg is a bleep.

@bigkevmayfield (Bowie, Texas): calling on all Republicans to support Judd Gregg's re-election campaign in 2010. Took guts to do what he's done today.

@NewEnglandGuy: @nprpolitics Obviously Judd Gregg doesn't have the gonads or the courage to reach across the aisle and try being civil.

A George Washington alum and D.C. resident, per his bio, speculated that Gregg's decision may have come with the longterm in mind.

@dtearl (Washington, D.C.): Did Judd Gregg just become a 2012 contender for undermining the Obama White House?

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