February 12, 2009

Dubai economy plummeting

Per the New York Times, the once booming city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is suffering a great deal in the global economic crisis. Foreign workers make up 90 percent of the city's population, but more and more of them are being laid off, according to the article.

@haydengohomes has been looking for a job since at least Feb. 3, when he posted these two tweets in his Twitter account:

@haydengohomes (Dubai): help me need a job

@haydengohomes (Dubai): How is the world economies going to support the rising numbers of unemployment globally? where will these people go?

On Feb. 10, he added this:

@haydengohomes (Dubai): Im broke unemployeed sitting a starbucks looking for a job.. how did it ever come to this?

Another man tweeted about rumored layoffs on his Twitter page on Feb. 9.

@brutusdxb (Dubai): Rumor: DP World removed 60 IT Jobs yesterday from its Information Technology Center (ITC)

Apparently, not all places are cutting back, with this being tweeted less than 24 hours ago:

@handankur (Dubai): Amitis Design planning to hire Senior Interior Designer - Job posted on the site

@sakshi006 posted an addicting fly-swatting game to get people's minds off the tough times.

@sakshi006 (Dubai): Lost your job? try this http://majman.net/fly_loader.html hehe

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