February 12, 2009

Adebayor wins prestigious football award

Per NEXT in Nigeria, Nigerian native Emmanuel Adebayor won the top prize in the Confederation of Africa Football Awards as Player of the Year. "As we know, 2010 (World Cup) is coming to Africa and we have to help each other as a family, and as a unit we can do something," he said in his acceptance speech in Lagos, according to NEXT.

@ekobaba was the only Nigerian twitterer to note the news:

@ekobaba (Nigeria): adebayor's king of african football of the year

An Irishman living in Mexico, per his bio, was surprised to hear Adebayor had won the award.

@mexicanpaddy (Mexico): Adebayor African player of the year?????? Eboue must have come in second. I don't care what he does in Africa cos he's not doing in london

A man in London was equally surprised.

@Paddy76 (London): still struggling to get my head around the Adebayor news

Media outlets across Europe tweeted about the announcement.

@sport1_news (München, Germany): Premier League - Adebayor ist Fußballer des Jahres http://tinyurl.com/caflo2 (Premier League - Adebayor is Footballer of the Year http://tinyurl.com/caflo2)

@Lequipe_fr_Actu (Paris, France): Foot - Afrique Adebayor, joueur de l'année http://tinyurl.com/cj4f2x (Foot - African Adebayor, player of the year http://tinyurl.com/cj4f2x)

@RTEsoccer (Dublin, Ireland): Adebayor scoops African honour: Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor was crowned 2008 Africa Player of the Year at a g.. http://tinyurl.com/c79v2n

@telegraaf (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Adebayor beste van Afrika http://tinyurl.com/b7br9j (Adebayor best of Africa http://tinyurl.com/b7br9j)

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