February 12, 2009

American, Russian satellites collide

Per the Houston Chronicle, NASA announced Wednesday that a 1,200-pound U.S. satellite and 2,000-pound Russian satellite collided on Tuesday about 500 miles above Siberia.

American twitterers began reacting to the incident Wednesday night.

@howdyjack (Pacific Northwest, U.S.): 1st in-orbit commercial satellite collision? The start of things to come?

@BobStemen (Texas): commercial satellite destroyed in collision with another satellite? we need space cops

Some were skeptical about the collision.

@BLKROCKET (San Francisco, Calif.): A collision or a planned accident? LOL

One man found some irony in the release of the news.

@ccheney (Austin, Texas): Weird that the #Satellite #Collision and #Sirius Satellite Radio's possible bankruptcy are trending at same time. http://is.gd/je5m

@elpinturrichio offered one of the first tweets on the incident outside of the United States.

@elpinturrichio (Vilnius, Lithuania): Whoa. A Russian and a US satellite collide in orbit. http://tinyurl.com/b46oy6 This was bound to happen some day really

As of this post, there's yet to be any Russian tweets referring to the collision.

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