February 13, 2009

A Day in New Delhi

New Delhi is a busy cosmopolitan city, full of tech-savvy netizens. But what did they do today? Here's a selection of tweets representing a day in New Delhi:

@arvindvm watching 'streetcar named desire'...love that film

@hashbrownie has fallen in love with BOSE all over again. Uncomplicated and practical beautiful sound delivery.

@honeytech just returned to home from a meeting.

@shikhabirdie Boss is taking us out for lunch! My pledge excludes treats. Its a special case na. :) Putting system on stand by. Will resume later! Bye!

@utopianmonk need some tome to recover from all the numbness in knees...after attending the ARYANS pomp....!!

@stroft Finally done with a 4-hour café work marathon. Now: tapas time!

@nithinkd I think India should have an ingenious version of Valentine's day called Kamasutra day or something, and stop celebrating Valentine's day :)

@aayush214 loves Windows 7....ready to buy it already....Microsoft did learn from Vista failure.

@vikassaurabh is it gonna be another lonely valentine's :)

@sandeepsripada 136 unread tweets. My god .. was off for way too many days!!!

You can find out more Indian news on Twitter by following @desinews or @indianews

And if you check out the BBC News South Asia page you'll get a snapshot of the big stories making headlines in India.

India's IBN News website also has a lot of stories, photographs and video clips from today's India news.

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