March 30, 2009

Power outage brings chaos to Sydney

Per Reuters, a blackout during rush hour in Sydney on Monday brought chaos to the streets. 70,000 homes and businesses were without power after the power supply to four high-voltage power cables failed. The blackout caused peak-hour traffic jams and resulted in the partial closure of the Sydney Harbor tunnel.

Twitterers from Sydney documented the event:

  1. Stephanie Zuniga
    stephzuniga has power at home but had to walk down 23 flights of stairs! Sydney is surreal at the moment!
  2. James Fridley
    fridley Now that was a freaky trip home. Sure its been mentioned a heap already but Sydney CBD was like a third world country this avo with no power
  3. ChrisCopywriter
    ChrisCopywriter sydney australia in power outage chaos. our office power down. police on every corner. snot much fun being w/out power. batteries work yes!
  4. Mika Vidler
    MikaVidler ONLY i would be caught driving over the harbour bridge during a Sydney CBD power outage, i have come to conclusion i need a schauffer..

Others began to wonder what would happen when the sun went down as discussion on Twitter about the outage turned to talk of zombies:

  1. mlimburn
    mlimburn Power cuts in Sydney, and Zombies, all read first on twitter, Check out power story what a laugh..(zombes)
  2. matt swan
    matsby Optimism turns to fear - Sydney's power outage might get interesting once the sun goes down... They come at night, mostly..
  3. Ben Danyi
    iB3nji Following the blackout in Sydney on twitter. Sounds pretty bad, power out for hours hmm here comes the zombies!
  4. failnet

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