March 25, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Rain in Brasilia

"Chuva em brasolias." "Rain in Brasilia." (Posted by @gideljr, Brasilia, Brazil, March 25, 2009)


Protests expected at next week's G20 Summit

Per BBC, next week’s G20 economic summit in London might face some riotous interruptions. UK officials are calling the protests planned during meetings “unprecedented” as citizens react to the UK recession en masse.

Poverty, Muslim and Palestinian sympathizers, and climate and environmental groups plan to unite with civic action groups, peaceful demonstrators, and anarchists to disrupt the global summit and voice the people’s will in the coming days, according to the article.

London Tweeters are catching up with the momentum of the rallying cries:

  1. Kelly Davis
    kelly_iscool getting excited about the chaos predicted at the G20 this weekend. Bankers are being told to go to work disguised as poor people!!
  2. David  Stringer
    davidjstringer RT @delineator catch-22 for the bankers next week, wear a suit get harassed by #g20 protesters, wear a hoodie get harassed by the police

Other Tweeters in London are just dealing with logistics of a global summit in town:

  1. London Start-Ups 2.0
    armelnene had to change the date of London Startup 2.0 TechWorld event due to the G20 summit on same date and same area
  2. Lindsey Anne Gale
    labellelindsey The gos in class was that the G20, mere minutes from where I live, will close the campus down and cancel classes. Please, let this happen!
  3. Lilyflower
    Lilyflower worrying about what these protests for G20 will do to her commute

Other Londoners are using social media to bend the G20’s ear:

    pressreleases Bloggers to Make History at G20 Summit: A coalition of NGOs - the G20Voice – and the UK government are breaking ..
  2. Elizabeth Varley
    evarley Have a message for the G20? Tweet @TheMegaMouth. RT @paulcarr: Who am I to say no to a good cause?
  3. Sokari
    blacklooks G20 event: convergence on the European Climate Exchange, Hasilwood House, 62 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AW (street view) at 12:30 exactly. htt ...


A Day In Toronto

Here's how Twitterers in Toronto, Ontario are spending their Wednesday.

  1. Alyson
    peace_ninja Speaking at a youth summit in Montreal.
  2. Allan Sorensen
    AllanSorensen like the CBC I'm re-evaluating my media footprint
  3. Jon
    dinobotmoj Bone chilling wind in my face. Eyes tearing up from the cold. Welcome to Spring.
  4. Lisa N
    LeEsSaAahHh Highlight of the day: watching a shoplifter get caught and swarmed by security.
  5. Jess1975
    Jess1975 I am officially nerding out over the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are..I can't wait.
  6. Jackson Proskow
    JProskowGlobal Chasing Geese around sunnyside beach.... What a weird way to make a living.