March 25, 2009

A Day In Toronto

Here's how Twitterers in Toronto, Ontario are spending their Wednesday.

  1. Alyson
    peace_ninja Speaking at a youth summit in Montreal.
  2. Allan Sorensen
    AllanSorensen like the CBC I'm re-evaluating my media footprint
  3. Jon
    dinobotmoj Bone chilling wind in my face. Eyes tearing up from the cold. Welcome to Spring.
  4. Lisa N
    LeEsSaAahHh Highlight of the day: watching a shoplifter get caught and swarmed by security.
  5. Jess1975
    Jess1975 I am officially nerding out over the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are..I can't wait.
  6. Jackson Proskow
    JProskowGlobal Chasing Geese around sunnyside beach.... What a weird way to make a living.

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