February 5, 2009

Americans feel for Phelps

Per the Associated Press, food company Kellogg has decided it will not renew its contract with Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps as a result of his acknowledgment of smoking marijuana last fall.

The vast majority of American twitterers to give their initial reaction sympathized with Phelps, who won eight gold medals at the Beijing Games.

@thelonebeader (Quincy, Mass.): According to ExtraTV, smoking pot is 'a drug scandal'. The media should leave Phelps alone. :/

@spanktar (San Francisco, Calif.): Oh give me a break Kellogg's (re: dropping Phelps). Your Puritanical/holier than thou attitude sucks. People smoke pot. Often. Lots of them.

@JenniferAZPR (Phoenix, Ariz.): @beverlykidd I think Phelps should be able to compete. Look at the rest of our "professional" athletes. They are worse

@haileybadger (Seattle, Wash.): So I still like Michael Phelps, sue me.


Depression or not?

Per the International Herald Tribune, the office of Prime Minister Gordon Brown now says his suggestion that the global economy was in a depression on Wednesday was just "a slip of the tongue." Brown had told members of Parliament, "We should agree, as a world, on a monetary and fiscal stimulus that will take the world out of depression."

The word choice left many twittering Brits puzzled, trying to interpret the incident.

@banksuk (London): So is it a recession or a depression, Gordon? First he 'saved the world', now Brown fluffs his lines again http://ff.im/UwAc

@codfather (London): Did Gordon Brown have a slip of the tongue or deed he really mean that we are in a depression? Worrying if it wasn't a slip

@StephenWinfield (Reading, U.K.): So, are we in "Depression"? If Gordon Brown's brain can't trust his mouth to deliver how can we trust him on anything else. lol

@martinejmartin (Leeds, Hull, & London): Was Gordon Brown describing the economy or his own state of mind a la Freud by using the word "depression" today? Jury's still out


New Zealand PM attacked

Per Sky News, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was attacked by protestors as he arrived at Waitangi just one day prior to commemoration of the nation's founding.

Locals tweeted about the incident as soon as they heard about it.

@audaciousgloop (Auckland, N.Z.): Protester grabs John Key's arm! http://is.gd/irgT Was it the broken one?

@ClaireDel (Auckland, N.Z.): O. Key assaulted at Waitangi. : ( http://tvnz.co.nz/

One New Zealander linked to a video of the incident.

@finenoises (Ohau, N.Z.): hmm our PM was attacked today: http://tinyurl.com/auxx3p not major but still... watch it


Beckham plans to stay in Milan

Per BBC, "David Beckham has confirmed he wants to secure a permanent move to AC Milan from his American club LA Galaxy."

The news has sparked interest across Europe.

@mitschmackes (Stuttgart, Germany): Ich kann verstehen, dass Beckham in Mailand bleiben will. Sein Ausflug nach LA ist ja nur eine peinlicher Marketing-Gag. (I can understand that Beckham wants to remain in Milan. His trip to LA is only an embarrassing marketing gimmick.)

Though not all are fond of his decision.

@BenTrebilcook (London, U.K.): I don't think Beckham truly understands the whole "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" environment in Milan.

@matt_holmes (London, U.K.): Let Beckham rot in LA with his £125m. Ah. That felt cathartic. Night

As of this post, there was not yet any reaction from Los Angeles or Milan area twitterers.