February 24, 2009

Rare fish caught on film for first time

Per National Geographic, the Pacific Barrel Eye fish has been caught on film for the first time off the coast of California by scientists. Pictures were released today of the incredibly strange fish with a head that National Geographic described as a "fighter plane cockpit".

The Barrel Eye lives 2000 feet down and a fully intact, live specimen has never been seen before this. It was discovered in 1939 by fishermen dragging up catches from the bottom of the ocean.

@fldhtrsxl: (Sheffield, UK) http://tinyurl.com/bowgw9 Macropinna microstoma: A deep-sea fish with a transparent head and tubular eyes - nature is WEIRD

amandakoh: (Seattle, Washington) Wooo! Checking out the coolest deep sea fish with a transparent head, housing big green tubular eyes!

awessendorf: (Baltimore, Maryland) Mindblowingly-cool photo of fish with transparent head. First ever found alive & with head intact. Looks unreal..wow!

cciepursuit: (Twin Cities, Minnesota) Fish with transparent head? Sure, why not? http://bit.ly/9UOYZ (expand) Truth IS stranger than fiction.

Bob_The_Bee: Today I have learned that there's a fish with a transparent head so that it can see prey through its own skull. Creepy.

chatoyant:(Norfolk, Virginia) RT @scifri Fish with transparent head http://is.gd/kH7G (expand) (I like how hes making a little :3 smoochy face in the first slide!)

doshdosh: (Toronto, Canada) I think its pretty. Deep sea fish with a transparent head. http://bit.ly/SlGl6 (expand)


Six shot at New Orleans parades

Per AFP, "A baby and five other people were shot during the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans but none of the injuries are life-threatening, police said Tuesday."

Here was some of the reaction near the scene.

@IMNEWORLEANS (New Orleans): shooting on St. Charles and 2nd at end of Rex. people injured and the shooters have been caught. stop the violence. #mardigras

@EFCuttin (New Orleans): MAN!!! Somebody got shot round 2nd st. and St.Charles- 3 blocks from where I was posted. They got arrested tho-Only In New Orleans!!!

@zorak303 (New Orleans): great...two people shot on 2nd and St. Charles. I could tell it would happen by the ghetto-ass crowd there all day. gets more violent every

@SaraOdette (New Orleans): 1 year old got shot WHAT THE [expletive]! that is some [expletive]. i hate BAD [expletive] MINDED PEOPLE.


Google Outage: Twitterverse reacts

Per PC Magazine, Google's own-brand email system Gmail was hit was an outage early on Tuesday morning, a problem which took several hours to resolve. Here's the official Google explanation for this morning's problems.

To show the near-ubiquitous nature of Gmail and Google, here's how 7 Twitter users in 7 different countries responded in 7 different languages (translations by Google, of course!):

@shintajiri (Tokyo, Japan) Gmail 世界規模で障害? まだ影響は出ていないみたい (Gmail failure on a global scale? I still will not affect the)

@jarofed (Kiev, Ukraine) за результатами сьогоднішніх ранкових подій Gmail тепер потрібно називати не інакше, ніж Gfail... (the results of today's morning events Gmail now need to call no differently than Gfail)

@ladyrasta (Sao Paolo, Brazil) é o apocalipse chegando...(tenho medo de ter emails importantes no gmail e não poder acessá-los...) (the apocalypse is coming ... (afraid to have important emails in gmail and can not access them ...)

@Carcadons (Bologna, Italy) ha avuto attimi di panico con Gmail down per ben due ore. (had moments of panic with Gmail down for two hours ....)

@bonarni (Copenhagen, Denmark) 113.000.000 mennesker verden over kan ikke bruge GMail lige nu. Google "is working hard to resolve this problem" - forståeligt nok..! (113,000,000 people around the world can not use GMail right now. Google "is working hard to resolve this problem" - understandably enough ..!)

@tassaramar (Buenos Aires, Argentina) A la mañana no pude entrar a Gmail y pensé en formatear la compu. Resulta que el problema era de Google, pero en su blog no decía nada..(In the morning I could not go to Gmail and I thought of formatting the computer. It turns out that the problem was Google, but his blog did not say anything ..)

@marccc (Paris, France) Il parait que Gmail était down. J'ai rien vu. Ca a du bon de dormir toute la journée ! (It seems that Gmail was down. I have not seen anything. It's good to sleep all day!)