April 12, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Easter Parade in Toronto, Canada

"Easter Parade Toronto 2009" (Posted by @DougAngusLee, of Dundas, Ontario, Canada, April 12, 2009)


Captain held hostage by pirates freed

Per news.yahoo.com, Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama who has been held hostage since Wednesday, when Somalian pirates seized a U.S. ship, was freed today.

According to Yahoo News, "a U.S. Navy operation killed three of the four Somali pirates who had been holding him on a lifeboat off the coast of Africa, a senior U.S. intelligence official said."

Twitterers are a-buzz at the news of Captain Phillips' release.

  1. DK Hipkins
    bigdaddydk (Qatar) Maersk Alabama captain free, 3 of 4 pirates dead. 4th in custody. http://tinyurl.com/dhhyvm
  2. Joe McDermott
    joemcd RT @BreakingNews (Coamo, PR) 3 pirates were killed in operation to free Captain Phillips; 1 in custody. Phillips has not been injured, according to CNN.
  3. John C. Agnelli
    JCA747 (Manchester and New Castle, UK) Yea, Captain is free. See. it is Easter. Good triumphs evil every time. We never close.
  4. lanorth9
    lanorth9 (Sunderlan, Northeast England)Praise the Lord! the American captain that was held hostage by Somalian pirates, is FREE!
  5. guangzhou tacloban
    johncare (Tacloban Leyte, Phillipines) usa sea captain free and safe somali pirates killed. great news


Holy cities usher in Easter holiday

Per Channel News Asia, Christian pilgrims from around the world gathered at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Sunday to celebrate Easter, while those of the Jewish faith took part in Passover festivities.

Just hours earlier, thousands attended an Easter vigil Mass led by Pope Benedict XVI at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, according to the article.

Twitterers in Jerusalem spread holiday cheer and spoke of their plans.

  1. Charlie Kalech
    CharlieKalech (Jerusalem, Israel) Wishing all a happy Easter, Passover and Spring from Jerusalem
  2. Avi
    hakerem (Jerusalem, Israel) What wine have people had for Passover/Shabbat/Easter? Friend brought over 2005 Yatir Forest. That's a good friend.
  3. R Malkes
    malkes (Jerusalem, Israel) Happy Easter, dudes! Eat a choc egg for me!
  4. yael weinstein
    yaelweinstein (Jerusalem, Israel) Good morning, nother day, another picnic : ) I love passover!
  5. Tova Scherr
    tova_s (Jerusalem, Israel) Most of the country is on vacation, but I am not. Going to meet MC board members to walk around the old city for #Easter. see:mercycorps.org

Rome Twitterers were also in a festive mood.

  1. StakaStagista
    StakaStagista (Rome, Italy) ...campane a festa, tripudio di cuori, Buona Pasqua Felice agli amici migliori! :) (... bells in celebration, rejoicing hearts, Happy Good Easter best friends! :))
  2. Mary
    pastamista (Rome, Italy) buona pasqua. mangia un pezzone di cioccolata :) ... (happy easter. eat a piece of chocolate :))
  3. L05
    L05 (Rome, Italy) Buona Pasqua! (Happy Easter!)
  4. Flavio
    flapic (Rome, Italy) Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it!
  5. castelvecchi
    castelvecchi (Rome, Italy) Pasqua per riflettere, Pasqua per rinascere, Pasqua per donare un sorriso ai bimbi d'Abruzzo (Easter to reflect, to be reborn Easter, Easter to give a smile to children of Abruzzo)