February 17, 2009

Oil spill causes Irish alert

Per BBC World News, an oil slick thought to have leaked into the Celtic Sea from Russian ships is heading towards Ireland and Wales.

Over 1,000 tons of oil are reported to be racing towards the Irish coastline. Russian officials deny the oil slick is as large as the British coastguard has stated. The oil slick was noticed on Feb. 14 and occurred while two Russian ships were trying to refuel off the Irish coast, according to BBC.

Twitter users say pollution alert has been issued for the area.

@felix85 (Ireland): RTE: An oil pollution alert has been declared off the coast of Ireland after two Russian warships were involved in a fuel spill accident

@billywaters (Dublin, Ireland): @adamcurry rt An oil pollution alert declared off Irish coast following an incident in which two Russian warships ... http://bit.ly/12pXX0

@nonsequitir (Dublin, Ireland): Oil slick just 30-40 miles of the south east coast and we have to send samples to Scotland for analysis? WTF?????


India to spend more during recession

Per The Financial Times, it looks as if India is following suit with the U.S. democratic stimulus theory.

@ladyreporter India to boost economy by spending more - Financial Times http://ff.im/-14TxK

However, some tweets suggest that even though this global recession is taking its toll, India's economy still proves to grow.

@shailgohel (Ahmedabad, India): GDP growth of 7.1% makes India second fastest growing economy

@newsline: India, second fastest growing economy in the world http://tinyurl.com/adw4e3


Kosovo Independence: One Year On

Per Al Jazeera English, Kosovo is celebrating the one year anniversary of gaining independence from Serbia. The BBC website reports that there are mixed reactions to the anniversary, especially from Kosovo's remaining Serbian residents. The 24 hour English-language news channel Russia Today has video about the anniversary while the Belgrade radio station B92 reports on its website about the day in Pristina, Kosovo's capital city.

Twitterers are posting about the celebrations, with some noting that not everyone is happy about Kosovan independence.

@DFBMBE (Pristina, Kosovo) On the way to the Independence Celebrations - Pristina, Kosovo: Posted in Vidblogs Tagged: 17 february 20.. tinyurl.com/cbo5l3

@ProlecniDan (Novi Sad, Serbia) today protest at Novi Sad against Kosovo independence with text sign 'Novi Sad is serbian city'. Good to know.

@annehubert (New York, USA) did something happen in kosovo? some weird honking action in times sq involving flags and singing not in english

@acbrudvig (Mankato, USA) celebrating Kosovo's Independence Day from Mankato, Minnesota... and going to class... and going to bed right early..

@M_a_r_I_k_A (Montreal, Canada) Kosovo 1 year of independence: Kosovans cross a bridge decorated with dozen of Albanian national flags a year af.. tinyurl.com/bdyln7

@3NewsNZ (New Zealand) #3News NZ: Serbians gather to protest first anniversary of Kosovo's independence: Serbians in the Koso.. tinyurl.com/arqpg4

@DavidRHaslam (Michigan, USA) Wow! Happy 1st Birthday Kosovo! I look forward to speaking in your capital city in September! I cannot wait! Hope to see my bff Drita too!


U.S. firm accused of $8 billion fraud

Per The New York Times, Texas billionaire Robert Allen Stanford, the head of Stanford Financial Group, has been accused by the Security and Exchange Commission of fraudulently selling about $8 billion of certificates of deposit held by the firm's Antigua bank. Read the SEC's official press release here.

In the wake of the Bernard Madoff scandal, some Twitter users are amazed by corporate greed:

Mug_normal @bradatwater (Southern California, USA): Wonders [what ] is up with billionaires these days...Robert Allen Stanford investigated for a "massive ongoing fraud" http://www.mahalo.com/Robert_Allen_Stanford

Ravieluri_normal@eluriravi (California, USA): Texan - Robert Stanford is charged by SEC for alleged $9billion investment & sales fraud..thts huge money!!!

Default_profile_normal@MadOFf_WallSt: Another Fraud - Robert Allen Stanford http://money.cnn.com/2009/02/17/news/companies/investment_scheme_ac...

Linkedin_pic_normal@rcalmon (New York, USA): SEC seeking fraud charges against Robert Stanford Group.. [it] is going to hit the fan $$


South African air crew in drugs bust

Per The Daily Mail, the entire crew from a South African Airways plane has been arrested at London's Heathrow airport. The crew are accused of smuggling in £250,000 (US$356,350) of cocaine on board their flight. Unfortunately, this is the second drugs-related incident to happen in London with South African Airways in the past few weeks.

@blanchomme (Sydney, Australia) wonders what south african airways first class is REALLY like.

@TravellingLF (London, England) Another South African Airways crew busted!? I know being a flight attendant isn't that lucrative but to have to resort to drug trafficking??

@mailonline South African Airways crew arrested for drug smuggling - the SECOND in four weeks tinyurl.com/dyuxwx

@Guy_at_PTod (London, England) Oh, to be the HR/Occupational Health manager for South African Airways ... tinyurl.com/6as6us

@virtualhispanic Flying the friendly skies? Entire South African Airways crew arrested for drug smuggling - TWICE in one month. http://ow.ly/iF1

@MrHarryPalmer (UK) another 15 South African Airways air crew been arrested for smuggling coke. Thats 30 SAA crew arrested so far . Have they any staff left ?

@felix85 (Ireland) Wow....15 members South African Airways crew arrested at London Airport after 250,000 pounds worth of cocaine was found in their baggage

@AircrewBuzz (USA) Second South African Airways crew arrested over drugs - tinyurl.com/arphvu (Reuters)

@Flightglobal Latest News: Fifteen crew arrested in second SAA Heathrow drug bust: Another South African Airways c.. tinyurl.com/d8fxeq

@mensah (Ghana) South Africa Airways crew in drug scandal: A 15-member crew of South African Airways was Monday detained on drug.. tinyurl.com/d4ps7v

The BBC website has a link to the current story, plus background on the previous arrest of a South African Airways crew at London's Heathrow airport here and here.