April 11, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Old City of Jerusalem at night

"Old City of Jerusalem Damascus Gate with Moon" (Posted by @YoDudeMan, Jerusalem, Israel, April 11, 2009)


U.N. to condemn North Korea launch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the United States, Russia and China have agreed on language for a United Nations Security Council statement to be sent to North Korea in the next few days.

The document will use strong language, stating that the April 5 rocket launch was a violation of the UN's ban on North Korea's ballistic missile program, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Few tweets about the news could immediately be found in Asia and Europe, but American Twitterers quickly weighed in. They had mixed reaction to the news.

  1. M. C. G-wood
    Dean04Prez (Utah) UN to condemn NK rocket launch. Hopefully without any language which might prove offensive or otherwise insensitive. I'm glad thats over!
  2. Joel Gaines
    joelgaines (U.S.) Hey, Great news - a diplomatic victory on NK! The UN issued a Statement! Kim Jung Il must be quaking in his shoes! #tcot
  3. Geneva Wilgus
    GenevaMWilgus (Brunswick, Maine) alright north korea, sit back down, we all see you waving your hand http://tinyurl.com/cqh3ya
  4. Tex Geoas
    TexGEOas (Texas) @jaketapper That'll really scare North Korea! Not.
  5. Le Combat
    lecombat (Austin, Texas) Heads up! We're sending a letter warning North Korea.
  6. Roaring Republican
    roaring_repub (Rochester, N.Y.) US, Russia, China agree to statement on NK, reads "Very bad, try not to do it again. Really! (really)" http://bit.ly/4fWqNd #tcot


Virus pops up across Twitter

Per TechCrunch, a number of Twitter accounts were hacked into by a worm dubbed "Stalkdaily" on Saturday. It first appeared early Saturday, and it had a resurgence later in the day, according to the article.

Breaking Tweets' Twitter account @breakingtweets was among those hacked, but it is now back to normal after Twitter reset its password.

Tweets from around the world show the geographic span of the attack, with those affected from South Africa to Japan. Many users deleted tweets surrounding it, but here's some pertaining to the attack:

  1. Les Turner
    lescturner (Sydney, Australia) Nobody go to [censored] , someone hacked my account to promote them.
  2. Frank Hambach
    erpe (Berlin, Germany) i think i know now how this stalkdaily works. xss code injection which allows user sessions to be hijacked.
  3. Suntimes
    Suntimes (Chicago, Ill.) fwiw RT @judyrey URGENT !!! DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK THAT HAS THE WORD STALK IN IT!! Viral. Phishing!! Plz RT now! RT #stalk
  4. Bárbara Santana
    theladyisugly (Brasilia, Brazil) So, people are being re-infected. It's probably best to stay away from Twitter.com. #stalkdaily
  5. Gérard van Schip
    puckman (London, U.K.) I'm changing my passwords on every site after visiting [censored]

@JoLoPe sent Breaking Tweets this site that helps affected users clean up their account: http://kodespark.tumblr.com/post/95149076/the-stalkdaily-worm-on-twitter


Ahmadinejad says Iran has mastered nuclear cycle

Per Al Jazeera, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran has mastered the "entire cycle" needed to produce nuclear energy. He remarked that "all the country's energy requirement will be met through domestic nuclear energy that will serve the Iranian nation."

Chatter about a nuclear Iran has increased on Twitter in light of the news.

  1. Naeim Karimi
    naeimkarimi (Tehran, Iran) Just back from Isfahan Nuclear Facility ... was a witness to the inauguration of Iran's FMP!!
  2. Nick Marino
    hplar220 (Quincy, Mass.) Today, with the grace of God, Iran is a country controlling the entire nuclear fuel cycle," Ahmadinejad said on state television
  3. nityen
    nityen (Undisclosed) Why does Iran need nuclear power when they export oil? Does this make any sense?
  4. Jan-Michael
    jmiclovesyou (San Bruno, Calif.) http://tinyurl.com/ddu3vv Iran now with nuclear power plants. Or an alibi for nuclear warfare?
  5. Danielle Perlin
    yelmeister (Urbana, Ill.) Nuclear weapons scare me. Iran having that power? That's a whole new level of scariness: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1077726.html
  6. Maafa


Thai protests postpone ASEAN summit

Per CNN, the Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) summit in Bangkok has been postponed indefinitely, after thousands of protesters stormed the hotel they were meeting at on Friday, demanding the resignation of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The protesters have been called "red shirts" for their attire, and the tag #redshirt has been used widely by Twitterers in the Bangkok area.

Here's a sample of Thai tweets about these latest events:

  1. John Le Fevre
    photo_journ (Bangkok, Thailand) #Thailand #BreakingNews #redshirt 10 trucks of military incl 2 x trucks of medics racing toward Asean Hotel now controlled by protesters
  2. Andrew Clark
    qandrew (Bangkok, Thailand) Mob storms ASEAN: Thailand must have the worst riot control police in the world, either that or they are on the same side as the rioters
  3. Andy Aitch
    MrRoomfinder (Thailand) Red Shirts have really disrupted the ASEAN summit!!! With so much instability, why is the Thai Baht so strong? Hmm!
  4. Gnarly Kitty
    gnarlykitty (Bangkok, Thailand) Why attack ASEAN? In Stras & LDN they were against THOSE summits. Do most of these #redshirt even know what ASEAN is?
  5. jawntarn
    jawntarn (Bangkok, Thailand) ขอประณามการกระทำของเสื้อแดง ที่บุกทำลายการประชุมผู้นำอาเซียน #redshirt (We decry the actions of the red shirt. The attack destroyed the ASEAN leaders meeting #Redshirt)
  6. K Consciousness
    kconsciousness (Bangkok, Thailand) my taxi driver tonight spent the whole journey sighing and assuring me that he was not a #redshirt.

Related story by Breaking Tweets:
April 9, 2009, Bangkok rallies bring city to standstill (including TwitPic)


French hostage held by Somalian pirates killed

Per the Guardian, Florent Lemacon, a hostage on a yacht hijacked by Somalian pirates, was killed as a French military operation to free the yacht backfired. Four other hostages were freed including Lemacon's wife and three-year-old son.

Radio France Internationale is reporting that French fire may have actually killed the hostage by mistake. An autopsy should be able to tell for sure, according to RFI.

Twitterers express their feelings and frustrations with the way this situation is being handled.

  1. Smoke
    SmokeRH (Netherlands) US almost has no crew on non-military ships. Commercial ships are being attacked and crew killed/taken hostage often.
  2. Wade Moline
    WadeHM63 (Michigan) What is with the libtards? They say sending in SEALS is too violent, why kill the hostage? NOT THE HOSTAGE DUMMIES, THE PIRATES IF NEEDED!
  3. Angus Batey
    angusbatey @ToureX (Hertfordshire, UK) board and overpower pirates before they kill hostage. When retaking an occupied building at least there's a nextdoor to start from.
  4. Keri McInerney
    kerimcinerney (Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia) Pirate hostage killed in front of son http://tinyurl.com/c3qpbc
  5. Captain Patch
    somaliapirates (Undisclosed) Did Bush Allow Pirate Attacks?: My friend responds to the previous post..... How do you stop the pirates. Bush c.. http://bit.ly/16n1p3

International news outlets are reporting on this tragedy.

  1. WSJ Europe News
    WSJEurope (Europe) French Hostage Killed in Pirate Rescue Attempt: A hostage was killed when French navy commandos stormed a sailbo.. http://tinyurl.com/dkx7zv
  2. AsiaOne
    sphasiaone (Singapore) French yacht hostage killed http://tinyurl.com/d2hdln
  3. guardian
    guardian (UK) [world] Hostage killed as French storm yacht held by pirates: • Four freed as two Somali pirates are kill.. http://tinyurl.com/dbrcyp