February 28, 2009

India attempts to retrieve Gandhi's possessions

Per the Times of India, an auction involving Mahatma Gandhi's glasses and other artifacts of his may go on as planned next week in New York, despite an uproar from Indian officials.

The developments struck a nerve for those in the south Asian nation.

@apnerve (Mumbai, India): those artifacts should not be sold in view of national honour and public sentiment. India is taking good steps.

@sumeet (Karwar, India): StopGANDHI items' auction in NY:Ind #news

Some twitterers poked fun at the news, while others were also disturbed.

@RaulJPena (Lawrenceville, Ga.): India called. They want Gandhi's glasses back lol

@neekomac (Hawaii): whoaaa. Ghandi's glasses are up for auction!? I want that!

@rapunzels_tears: Gandhi's glasses, pocketwatch, sandals, bowl, and plate should not be up for auction. I hope-but doubt-that the money goes to charity

For more on this story, an article in the Washington Post also describes Indians' reactions to the auction.


Australian fires force schools to close

Per BBC, "More than 200 schools have been closed in south-eastern Australia as the government warned of an intensified fire risk ahead of the weekend."

Two twitterers announce schools and childcare centers closing.

@pnbeck (Melbourne, Australia): Melbourne is baking, smoke haze is shrouding the city, schools & childcare centres have been evacuated as fires burn close to suburbia...

@philpeffect (Melbourne, Australia): Over 60 Victorian schools will be closed tomorrow due to bush fire threat

One twitterer says the fire's were overestimated, but is grateful for safety precautions.

@mr_billiam (Melbourne, Australia): Fire threat wasn't as bad as forecasted today, but I still think closing schools in fire threat areas was a good move. Safety first.

A local politician tweeted that he was surprised by some people's reaction to the news.

@PremierMikeRann (South Australia): @BeauGiles Can't believe criticism of closing schools after advice from CFS. Imagine the fuss if we had ignored that advice. Vic did same.

Others posted links to Australian fire news stories.

@AdventureMatt (Melbourne, Ausralia): 'Spike Day' closes Victorian schools as bush fire threat re-flares http://twurl.nl/qw78p4

@geelongaddy (Geelong, Australia): RED ALERT: Schools shut as fire threat looms: SCHOOLS and kindergartens have been closed and tourists have been.. http://tinyurl.com/cqytpv


Two Chilean students killed in Florida

Per Clarin.com, Nicolas Pablo Torres, 22, and Racine Balbontín, 23, both of Valparaíso, Chile, were killed by an American who, according to witnesses, hates immigrants.

The attacker used a shotgun to commit the acts, in a house that overlooks the beach in Pensacola, Florida, per the article. Clarin.com said the suspect of the crime is Dannie Baker, 60, who was identified by neighbors as a "racist" and had sent emails with threats to democratic politicians.

Many twitterers were shaken by the incident.

@KenjiFinster (Santiago, Chile): Still disturbed: 2 Chilean students slayed, 3 injured by a crazy guy in (where else?) Florida. http://tinyurl.com/bhpaja

@mansun79 (Tampa, Fla.): outraged at the murder of two Chileans in North Florida.

Journalist Jorge Garreton provided updates from Santiago, the capital of Chile, through Twitter.

@Garreton (Santiago, Chile): Pensacola Chilean Killings: Racine Balbontin, 22, was studying to become a chef; Nicolas Corp, 22, studied PhysEd both lived in Valparaiso

@Garreton: Family members of Chileans killed by Pensacola Fla man travel tonight to begin process of returning bodies and wounded.

@Garreton: I have posted musings on YouTube and my Blog: http://tinyurl.com/bu85sa

Some questioned the lack of coverage by CNN.

@HectorRojas: @ricksanchezcnn any reason why CNN not covering 5 chileans shot in Florida yesterday by xenofobe former Bush campaign worker in Florida?

@JanieAngus (Las Vegas, Nev.): RT @ricksanchezcnn any reason why CNN not covering 5 chileans shot in Florida yesterday by xenofobe former Bush campaign worker in Florida?

The CNN anchor has not yet responded to these questions, at least publicly.


A Day in Uganda

Conflict, disease and the outbreak of a major fire are some of the things happening in Uganda in the last 72 hours.

As for the fire, according to Global Voices, "A massive fire gutted Kampala's Owino Market early Wednesday." However, some are just finding out about the event now.

Here's a chronicle of tweets either from the nation or about it, posted in the last 24 hours, giving a glimpse into life today in Uganda:

@Nagadya (Kampala, Uganda): What is going on in KLA? First Owino burns down and now a building collapses in Nakasero!!!

@rebekahredux (New York via Uganda/KS): Just now hearing about the fire at Kampala's Owino Market yesterday. Blogren, everyone okay? #owinofire

@Peter_Biro (Uganda): Posting a photo essay from Uganda: http://tinyurl.com/am3uqy

@schooley84 (Uganda): just went inside a store located in a parking garage that sells a $500 pair of shoes... Only in Uganda!

@KGrepin is saddened that polio has returned to Uganda http://tinyurl.com/b5toj4

@tayari: @imagineatrium here are the pics from uganda i was telling you about. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tayarijones/sets/72157612656030812/