February 28, 2009

India attempts to retrieve Gandhi's possessions

Per the Times of India, an auction involving Mahatma Gandhi's glasses and other artifacts of his may go on as planned next week in New York, despite an uproar from Indian officials.

The developments struck a nerve for those in the south Asian nation.

@apnerve (Mumbai, India): those artifacts should not be sold in view of national honour and public sentiment. India is taking good steps.

@sumeet (Karwar, India): StopGANDHI items' auction in NY:Ind #news

Some twitterers poked fun at the news, while others were also disturbed.

@RaulJPena (Lawrenceville, Ga.): India called. They want Gandhi's glasses back lol

@neekomac (Hawaii): whoaaa. Ghandi's glasses are up for auction!? I want that!

@rapunzels_tears: Gandhi's glasses, pocketwatch, sandals, bowl, and plate should not be up for auction. I hope-but doubt-that the money goes to charity

For more on this story, an article in the Washington Post also describes Indians' reactions to the auction.

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