March 28, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Lights out at McDonalds in Philippines

"Earth hour at mc donalds silver city. #earthhour #voteearth #manila" (Posted by @mrmacchiato, Manila, Philippines, March 28, 2009)


U.K. official blasts Prime Minister Brown

Per the UK newspaper The Guardian, a YouTube clip of United Kingdom European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan, a conservative MP, has become an Internet sensation. In the clip Hannan gives a short speech to the European Parliament and U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown about the current economic crisis. Hannan is critical of current U.K. economic policies and went so far as to call Prime Minister Brown a, "Brezhnev-era apparatchik.

The speech has been viewed over 1.4 million times in four days and can be viewed on YouTube with a full transcript available here.

The Twitterverse greeted the speech positively.

  1. Steven Fowler
    steve2425 (U.K.) Watched BBC Parliament on "Gordon save the world Brown" EU speech yawn,yawn, Nigel and Daniel Hannan's speeches best bits! #UKIP
  2. iamthemuse
    iamthemuse (Location undisclosed) Feeling proud of Daniel Hannan !!!
  3. Doreen Seaton
    doreenseaton (U.K.) MEP Daniel Hannan delivers knockout blow to Gordon Brown at EU. Gordon, please say "Sorry" before you leave No.10.
  4. Jonathan Damsgaard
    Damsgaard (Location undisclosed) Daniel Hannan MEP; new Party Chairman?
  5. Harry Getliffe
    harrytheboat (Leicestershire-on-Sea, U.K.) There is a god, and his name is Daniel Hannan, good show old boy!
  6. Morgan M
    highlanderfae (Texas, USA) Wishing we had someone like Daniel Hannan (Brit politician for those of you who don't know) in Congress.


Madonna Malawi adoption concerns

Per New York Times, Madonna has petitioned to adopt a second child from Malawi. The 14-month-old girl, named Mercy James, comes from the same orphanage as Madonna’s son, David Banda, 3, whom she met in 2006 and whose adoption was completed last year.

BBC News reports however, that charity Save The Children has urged Madonna to rethink the adoption process, saying the girl should be cared for by her extended family, and only taken abroad as a last resort.

The Twitterverse reacted to the news.

  1. Amanda Henry
    amjhenry (Malawi) Also, word on the street is that Madonna is in town.
  2. Avik Maitra
    avikm (Malawi) Yes, Madonna is here. No, I haven't met her yet.
  3. David Fox
    thefoxguy (Location undisclosed) And I don't understand why Madonna extended her tour thru summer and she wants to adopt another child? Stay home and be a mom!
  4. Patti Cooke
    PattiCooke (Texas, USA) Grandmother of Malawi girl wants to adopt her to stop Madonna from "stealing" her-
  5. Adam Kaveney
    adamkaveney (London, U.K.) Save The Children have "urged" Madonna not to adopt more kids. How bad a mother do you have to be for that to happen?
  6. Chris Frost
    frostfire (Location undisclosed) Should single mother Madonna be allowed to adopt again?
  7. Anja Illmann
    Mrs_Penguin (West Midlands, U.K.) What is Madonna trying to achieve when she adopts another child from Malawi? I think it's ridiculous.


World goes dark in support of Earth Hour

The term "Earth Hour" hit fever pitch on Twitter just moments ago, trending all the way up to No. 1, as the first time zones in the world started turning off its lights in support of the energy-saving movement.

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, as "2.2 million homes and businesses" participated, per Last year, the movement went global, "with 50 million people switching off their lights" from San Francisco, USA, to Rome, Italy.

Earth Hour 2009, set for today (March 28, 2009) from 8:30-9:30 p.m. local time, officially kicked off with this tweet:

  1. Earth Hour 2009
    earthhour Earth Hour has begun in the Chatham Islands!!!! The first place in the world. Woohooo

Twitterers worldwide are caught up in the Earth Hour frenzy, tweeting both their support of the movement and friendly reminders to their followers.

  1. Koman Tam
    komantam (Melbourne, Australia) Sitting at Melbourne zoo and waiting for the earth hour concert c w stoneking jungle blues
  2. Talisa Oberoi
    TalisaO (London, U.K.) Everyone in India....EARTH HOUR-8:30 TO 9:30 pm. Switch off all your lights. spread the word :)
  3. Amy Templeman
    artempleman (Auckland, New Zealand) 15 mins til earth hour in nz. turn 'em off, dudes.
  4. Jason Zhan Jia (ZJ)
    jasonzhanjia (Shanghai, China) Earth Hour tonight in China
  5. BetsyM
    BetsyM (Paris, France) nice! The Eiffel Tower is going dark tomorrow night for Earth Hour:
  6. DJ Ghost
    DJGhostUSA (Kearny, N.J., USA) Don't forget to celebrate "Earth Hour" tonight @ 08:30 PM (your time) people. <3 u all! Nite Twitts.