April 5, 2009

Strong earthquake jolts Central Italy

Per the Associated Press, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook Central Italy on Monday morning with the epicenter about 60 miles from Rome.

Many were woken up by the earthquake, according to tweets. It was approximately 3:30 a.m. local time when the quake struck.

  1. Domenico Calojero
    mikuzz (Magliana, Italy) Terremoto a roma.mi ha svegliato pur vivendo al 2o piano.i lampadari continuano ad ondulare. (Earthquake in roma.mi he woke up while living in the 2nd piano.i chandeliers continue to wave.)
  2. Tommaso Passi
    masolino (Rome, Italy) #terremoto a Roma. Io sono al quinto piano, mi ha buttato giù dal letto. Mai sentito così forte! (#Earthquake in Rome. I am on the fifth floor, I was thrown out of bed. Never felt so strong!)
  3. nikky83
    nikky83 (Rome, Italy) Nicoletta è stata buttata giù dal letto dal terremoto... (Nicoletta has been thrown out of bed by the earthquake...)
  4. petarx
    petarx (Fiumicino, Italy) Qui si muove tutto ancora. Terremoto (Here everything is moving again. Terremoto)
  5. gibilix
    gibilix (Rome, Italy) quarta sigaretta dopo il terremoto... (fourth cigarette after the earthquake ...)


Obama supports Turkey's quest to join EU amid protests

Per BBC, U.S. President Barack Obama landed in Turkey earlier today to re-engage relations with the country as well as to show support for Turkey's bid to join the EU. Yet, Obama faces opposition from France's President Nicolas Sarkozy who maintained that it was the EU's decision alone to allow Turkey into the EU.

Facing protests upon his visit, Obama stressed that Europe must be open to its Muslim neighbors. However, the EU counter-argued that EU is still open to discussion with Turkey albeit its little progress in democratic reforms for the country.

Twitterers were quick to join the discussion.

  1. weaselzippers
    weaselzippers (Undisclosed) Obama: We Should be Nicer to the Islamic World and let Turkey Into the EU..... http://tinyurl.com/cotq3j
  2. DonsBlog
    don1one (North Carolina) Cumhurbaşkanı Obama Turkiye gitti. Turkey has has been a faithful partner thru Cold and ME Wars, good to see Obama treating them well.
  3. Robert_Banghart
    Robert_Banghart (Federal Way, Wash.) "President Barack Obama will visit Turkey today and tomorrow... should be applauded for his vision" - WSJ.com http://bit.ly/Tq4B0
  4. dda
    dda (Hong Kong) The one thing I appreciated in Sarkozy's interview today was the bit about Obama and Turkey's EU membership. Better summed up as: No. Never.


Featured TwitPic: Hilly coastline in Southeast France

"A perfect afternoon above Villefranche sur mer" (Posted by @SteveLoguidice in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France)


UN appoints war crimes investigator to Gaza

Per BBC and Al Jazeera, the United Nations has appointed a team to investigate possible war crimes committed by Israel during its 22-day offensive in Gaza. The team will be led by South African judge Richard Goldstone, former investigator to Yugoslavia and Rwanda, with a mandate to focus only on Palestinian victims.

International human rights groups have alleged that Israel irresponsibly used high-powered weapons in densely populated areas, causing up to 900 civilian deaths out of the 1,100 to 1,400 killed, per the articles. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has countered that only a quarter of those killed were civilians. They have also claimed that Hamas used human shields.

Some Twittered about the claims about soldiers' actions and a recent op-ed.

  1. SanMan aka bandi
    SanMan_ish testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges that Israel's Gaza Strip assault entailed grave violations of international law. sad :(
  2. The Hacktivist
    hacktivism Israel on Trial: by George BisharatSAN FRANCISCO - Chilling testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges .. http://tinyurl.com/cvh8wd
  3. standwithus #israel #standwithus TV INTERVIEW ON SOLDIERS SPEAK OUT: Here is a TV interview from today (.. http://tinyurl.com/c5lm9p (expand)
    6 days ago from twitterfeed · Reply · View Tweet

Others responded to the UN investigation.

  1. Azizur Rahman
    Azizur (Manchester, UK) UK Politician says "Israel stands accused of war crimes witnessed by the whole world" | Ilmseeker http://ow.ly/23Te
    JURISTnews (Pittsburgh, PA) Israel criticizes UN Gaza war crimes investigation http://tinyurl.com/c3wrlz
  3. Tweety Bird
    tweetybirdt Should America put more pressure on Israel to avoid what happened in Gaza?
  4. badbusiness Israel is brutalizing international law, in ways that may long outlast the demolition of Gaza.


Deadly blast hits mosque in Pakistan

Per Al Jazeera, "At least 30 people have been killed and 150 others injured after a bomb exploded inside a Shia mosque, 60km south of the Pakistani capital Islamabad, officials say." The blast occurred in the city of Chakwal.

Twitterers in Pakistan voiced concern about the attack; many noted their displeasure with the Pakistani government, as this was the third terrorist incident in recent days.

  1. Ali_Hammad
    alihammad (Islamabad, Pakistan) Now my city Chakwal is hit by bomb blast.. Allah us kutay ko jahnum rassed karay . Ameen suma Ameen ...
  2. Dj Flush
    DjFlush (Islamabad, Pakistan) A lot of friends whose families belong to the city of Chakwal. I just hope everyone is safe out there.
  3. Haris Nadeem
    harisn (Lahore, Pakistan) This thing is seriously is getting out of hands. First an attack on Police Academy, then a blast in Isl, and now again a blast in #Chakwal
  4. Farhan Janjua
    guppu (Pakistan) Zardari while sitting in his heaven, condemns the attack! #Chakwal #Pakistan
  5. Ammar Yasir
    ammaryasir (Karachi, Pakistan) We want Rehman Malick to resign this very minute, he is a complete failure and most definitely incompetent for this job #Chakwal #Pakistan
  6. Kashif Aziz
    kashaziz (Pakistan) Suicide attack in Chakwal was 3rd attack in 36 hours. Govt of #Pakistan failed to protect civilians