April 5, 2009

Deadly blast hits mosque in Pakistan

Per Al Jazeera, "At least 30 people have been killed and 150 others injured after a bomb exploded inside a Shia mosque, 60km south of the Pakistani capital Islamabad, officials say." The blast occurred in the city of Chakwal.

Twitterers in Pakistan voiced concern about the attack; many noted their displeasure with the Pakistani government, as this was the third terrorist incident in recent days.

  1. Ali_Hammad
    alihammad (Islamabad, Pakistan) Now my city Chakwal is hit by bomb blast.. Allah us kutay ko jahnum rassed karay . Ameen suma Ameen ...
  2. Dj Flush
    DjFlush (Islamabad, Pakistan) A lot of friends whose families belong to the city of Chakwal. I just hope everyone is safe out there.
  3. Haris Nadeem
    harisn (Lahore, Pakistan) This thing is seriously is getting out of hands. First an attack on Police Academy, then a blast in Isl, and now again a blast in #Chakwal
  4. Farhan Janjua
    guppu (Pakistan) Zardari while sitting in his heaven, condemns the attack! #Chakwal #Pakistan
  5. Ammar Yasir
    ammaryasir (Karachi, Pakistan) We want Rehman Malick to resign this very minute, he is a complete failure and most definitely incompetent for this job #Chakwal #Pakistan
  6. Kashif Aziz
    kashaziz (Pakistan) Suicide attack in Chakwal was 3rd attack in 36 hours. Govt of #Pakistan failed to protect civilians

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