April 5, 2009

Obama supports Turkey's quest to join EU amid protests

Per BBC, U.S. President Barack Obama landed in Turkey earlier today to re-engage relations with the country as well as to show support for Turkey's bid to join the EU. Yet, Obama faces opposition from France's President Nicolas Sarkozy who maintained that it was the EU's decision alone to allow Turkey into the EU.

Facing protests upon his visit, Obama stressed that Europe must be open to its Muslim neighbors. However, the EU counter-argued that EU is still open to discussion with Turkey albeit its little progress in democratic reforms for the country.

Twitterers were quick to join the discussion.

  1. weaselzippers
    weaselzippers (Undisclosed) Obama: We Should be Nicer to the Islamic World and let Turkey Into the EU..... http://tinyurl.com/cotq3j
  2. DonsBlog
    don1one (North Carolina) Cumhurbaşkanı Obama Turkiye gitti. Turkey has has been a faithful partner thru Cold and ME Wars, good to see Obama treating them well.
  3. Robert_Banghart
    Robert_Banghart (Federal Way, Wash.) "President Barack Obama will visit Turkey today and tomorrow... should be applauded for his vision" - WSJ.com http://bit.ly/Tq4B0
  4. dda
    dda (Hong Kong) The one thing I appreciated in Sarkozy's interview today was the bit about Obama and Turkey's EU membership. Better summed up as: No. Never.

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