March 31, 2009

Obama arrives in U.K. for G20 Summit

Per BBC News, U.S. President Barack Obama arrived at Stansed Airport, north of London, ahead of the G20 Summit scheduled to begin Thursday. As MSNBC reports, the trip marks President Obama's, "First Major Foreign Policy Test." The summit comes amid a global economic and financial downturn that is expected to be the focus of the one day meeting.

Some in London tweeted about Obama's arrival, with at least one claiming a close encounter.

  1. tiffany
    ttttiff passed obama & entourage in regent's park and felt momentarily starstruck
  2. Gaius London,UK
    Gaiusf just got home.. I wish i can meet Obama in person here in London... too damn, he has full of tight secret service decorations
  3. karinjr
    karinjr Obama is in town! I can feel the hope in the air. Sadly, have thrown out my back, and am on the floor with hot water bottle - but hopeful!
  4. Dmitry Matyukhin
    dmatyukhin Was surprised how many police was on my way from Standted tonight. just read that Obama landed there.

Widespread demonstrations and protests are expected during the summit. Breaking Tweets plans to cover these through tweets, TwitPics, and reports live from London from Breaking Tweets Contributing Editor @davidmacdougall.

Londoners are increasingly tweeting their concern over these expected protests:

  1. Dave00Rodriguez
    Dave00Rodriguez Home & Tired! Tough day at work least its Dressdown the next 2 days thanx to the possible G20 Protesters...
  2. neil shah
    neil_sv Morning itinerary tomorrow seems to unintentional trail the g20 protest route. Let's see what the crack is
  3. graham mitchell
    graham652 wondering which g20 protest to photograph tomorrow
  4. Planet Positive
    PlanetPositive reading about the G20 London Lockdown tomorrow. What are your thoughts on protest to express need for economic/climate policy change?


Featured TwitPic: Morning in Nice, France

"Good morning from nice" (Posted by @aplusk, March 31, 2009)


Germans oust Nazi group

Per ABCNews, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has banned right-wing organization "Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend" (HDJ), condemning the group for spreading Nazi propaganda to the youth of Germany.

Per BBC, the Homeland-Faithful German Youth (HDJ) reportedly taught children as young as six-years-old that foreigners and Jews posed a threat to the "German nation", officials said.

Most Germans are pleased about the ban:

  1. Jusos M-V
    JusosMV (Schwerin, Germany) Heute wurde die HDJ-Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend verboten. Das war gut und richtig. Aber Nazizeltlager wird es wohl weiter geben. (Today, the HDJ-fidelity home German Youth prohibited. That was good and right. But Nazi camp will probably pass.)
  2. B90/GRÜNE  Thüringen
    Gruene_Th (Thüringen, Germany) Und heute wurde endlich die HDJ (Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend) verboten. Das war längst überfällig! (And today finally the HDJ (hometown loyalty German Youth) are prohibited. That was long overdue!)
  3. Daniela Kolbe
    danielakolbe (Undisclosed) freut sich über HDJ-Verbot, Mehdorn-Rücktritt und Sonne. Gute Kombination. (Pleased about HDJ-ban, Mehdorn-Resignation and sun. Good combination.)
  4. Nadim
    Nadim_A (Solingen, Germany) HDJ verboten. Besser spät als nie, Herr Schäuble. (HDJ prohibited. Better late than never, Mr Schäuble.)

Still some Germans want more action against such groups:

  1. GerdKotoll
    GerdKotoll @fdrohsel (Hamburg, Germany) HDJ-Verbot reicht nicht - stimmt. Die ganz Links-Extremen müssen ebenfalls verboten und ausgetrocknet werden. (HDJ-ban is not enough - true. The very left-wing extremists have also been banned and will be dried up.)
  2. Jusos Greiz
    JusosGreiz: (Greiz, Germany) Verbot der HDJ reicht nicht aus! (Prohibition of HDJ is not enough!)

Other Germans see potential problems with ban:

@tradem: (Germany, Hannover) Auch wenn das Verbot d. HDJ mehr als nur gerechtfertigt sein mag, ist der Begriff "Rattenfänger" in d. Kontext nicht minder populistisch. (Even if the ban d. HDJ more than may be justified, the concept of "Pied Piper" in the context d. no less populist.)