February 19, 2009

World Baseball Classic TV schedule released

Per MLB.com, the broadcast schedule for all 39 World Baseball Classic (WBC) games has been released. ESPN and ESPN2 will televise 23 of the games, the MLB Network will broadcast 16 and televise a nightly highlight show, while ESPN Deportes will televise all of the contests. The international tournament features 16 national baseball teams and will be shown in over 200 countries. The tournament begins March 5, and the final series will take place in Dodger Stadium March 21-23, in Los Angeles, Calif.

However, with the recent steroid revelations, there seems to be a bit of skepticism and indifference surrounding this international sporting event.

@sbaggers: i'm ready for the world baseball classic... is that still happening, or are they going to wait for everyone's lab results to come in first?

With the expanded worldwide participation and anticipation, there are still many Twitterers (and journalists) who are not that excited -- steroids or no steroids.

@moskie (Bay Area, Calif.): Wow, the World Baseball Classic starts next month. That snuck up on me. And yes I realize I'm one of 8 people in the U.S. who cares.

@TweetingTigers (Detroit, Mich.): JAMIE SAMUELSEN'S BLOG: Who cares about the World Baseball Classic? http://tinyurl.com/behvap

Regardless of any negative press, this is baseball on a world stage, so there will always be legitimate excitement, according to these Twitterers.

@merv (Pleasanton, Calif.): Just received our tix for world baseball classic semis and finals (LA Dodger stadium). Last time was terrific - can't wait for this year's!

@ElChefis (Mexico, D.F.): intercambio mis organos por boletos del World Baseball Classic (I would trade my organs for tickets to the World Baseball Classic).


Volcano eruption forces evacuations in Chile

Per BBC, "Chile has evacuated more than 150 people who had returned to the southern town of Chaiten after it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption last year."

One twitterer posted a link to a live video stream.

@VinnyTheAlien: Video: Chaiten Volcano Eruption Chile 02/19/09 http://tinyurl.com/c4xnx5

Twitterers in Chile reacted to the Chaiten eruption.

@MarTInXTreme (Santiago, Chile): PUM!!! Volcan CHAITEN, El planeta con Gases. (PUM! Volcan Chaiten, The Planet Gases)

@argen (Recolette, Chile): Mas vale que el volcan chaiten se deje de hacer el loco porque yo no pienso quedarme mas tiempo del debido en esta ciudad.. (This Chaiten volcano craziness better stop because it doesn't make me want to stay any longer in this city).


Canada welcomes Obama

Per CBC, U.S. President Barack Obama is in Ottawa, Canada, today until 4 p.m. for his first foreign trip since taking office.

Canadians have closely been watching the visit through both CBC and CNN, and they have been twittering along the way. The hashtag #obamawa was most commonly tweeted, and it surged to No. 2 on trending topics, with 602 tweets in the last two hours.

Ottawa Bureau Chief at Canadian University Press @ottawacarl has been providing live coverage of the event from Parliament Hill through Twitter.

@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): Scattered chants of "yes we can"
@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): Few more berry pics up http://tinyurl.com/7atmx4
@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): And he's here! two choppers. Ambulances. Motorcade.
@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): Choppers keep circling plmt hill

Here's a sample of Canadian tweets about Obama's visit:

@aidapk (Vancouver, British Columbia): Ottawa security repeatedly says 'Thank You & Sorry' as he quickly guides photogs away from Prez. Obama & P.M. Harper - so Cdn...hee hee

@martinik52 (Toronto, Ontario): Historical day watching President Obama in Ottawa. Impressions: Security is first class; Harper seems to be out of his class.

@toddy2hotty (Kelowna, British Columbia): 64 cars in a presidential motorcade? Isn't that a little over the top? #obamawa

@attaboy (Toronto, Ontario): I can't help assuming it's Obama's fault that my train to Ottawa is running late.

@bodger (Canada): http://twitpic.com/1kkil #obamawa Air Force One at the Ottawa Airport

@joshaidan (Thunder Bay, Ontario): I like CNN's coverage of the Obama visit because they have a live cam that just follows Obama, without any commentaries. #obamawa


Excitement builds for 2010 World Cup ticket sales

Per Sowetan in South Africa, "Friday's eagerly-awaited opening of ticket sales for the 2010 World Cup is a milestone, once more confirming that the event is definitely coming to South Africa."

Twitter users in South Africa have generated a significant buzz in recent hours about the sale of these tickets.

@guznuname (Cape Town, South Africa): The FIFA 2010 World Cup tickets are going on sale this week! Amazing!

A man in Johannesburg tweeted from a unique perspective leading up to the sales date.

@ChrisOnderstall (Johannesburg, South Africa): Busy busy working on a video outlining the 2010 World Cup ticketing process.. Watch out for it on Friday on Shine 2010

The official Twitter account for the 2010 World Cup announced that a certain number of tickets will be held exclusively for locals.

@Shine2010 (Johannesburg, South Africa): 11% of all 2010 World Cup tickets will be exclusively held for South African residents

But not all tweets were upbeat. A global marketing organization with an affiliate in the nation calmed the news a bit.

@PalmerstonSAF (Cape Town, South Africa): would like to be the first to let you know that organizers fear that the global recession will impact ticket sales for the world cup 2010.

South Africans weren't the only ones on Twitter with an eye on tickets.

@alexkess (Sydney, Australia): Ticketing process for the 2010 World Cup is starting tomorrow. I think I'll be there! Who else is going? http://tinyurl.com/bb2hoj

@clayco (San Francisco, Calif.): planning a trip and rounding up a crew for S. Africa World Cup in 2010. You down? You Going? Let me know