February 19, 2009

Volcano eruption forces evacuations in Chile

Per BBC, "Chile has evacuated more than 150 people who had returned to the southern town of Chaiten after it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption last year."

One twitterer posted a link to a live video stream.

@VinnyTheAlien: Video: Chaiten Volcano Eruption Chile 02/19/09 http://tinyurl.com/c4xnx5

Twitterers in Chile reacted to the Chaiten eruption.

@MarTInXTreme (Santiago, Chile): PUM!!! Volcan CHAITEN, El planeta con Gases. (PUM! Volcan Chaiten, The Planet Gases)

@argen (Recolette, Chile): Mas vale que el volcan chaiten se deje de hacer el loco porque yo no pienso quedarme mas tiempo del debido en esta ciudad.. (This Chaiten volcano craziness better stop because it doesn't make me want to stay any longer in this city).

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