February 19, 2009

Canada welcomes Obama

Per CBC, U.S. President Barack Obama is in Ottawa, Canada, today until 4 p.m. for his first foreign trip since taking office.

Canadians have closely been watching the visit through both CBC and CNN, and they have been twittering along the way. The hashtag #obamawa was most commonly tweeted, and it surged to No. 2 on trending topics, with 602 tweets in the last two hours.

Ottawa Bureau Chief at Canadian University Press @ottawacarl has been providing live coverage of the event from Parliament Hill through Twitter.

@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): Scattered chants of "yes we can"
@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): Few more berry pics up http://tinyurl.com/7atmx4
@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): And he's here! two choppers. Ambulances. Motorcade.
@ottawacarl (Ottawa, Ontario): Choppers keep circling plmt hill

Here's a sample of Canadian tweets about Obama's visit:

@aidapk (Vancouver, British Columbia): Ottawa security repeatedly says 'Thank You & Sorry' as he quickly guides photogs away from Prez. Obama & P.M. Harper - so Cdn...hee hee

@martinik52 (Toronto, Ontario): Historical day watching President Obama in Ottawa. Impressions: Security is first class; Harper seems to be out of his class.

@toddy2hotty (Kelowna, British Columbia): 64 cars in a presidential motorcade? Isn't that a little over the top? #obamawa

@attaboy (Toronto, Ontario): I can't help assuming it's Obama's fault that my train to Ottawa is running late.

@bodger (Canada): http://twitpic.com/1kkil #obamawa Air Force One at the Ottawa Airport

@joshaidan (Thunder Bay, Ontario): I like CNN's coverage of the Obama visit because they have a live cam that just follows Obama, without any commentaries. #obamawa

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