May 14, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Machu Picchu, Peru

"machupicchu..maravilla del PerĂº y del mundo." (Machupicchu .. wonder of Peru and of the world.) (Posted by @janemari, of Lima City, Peru, May 14, 2009)


Swine flu resurgent in parts of United States

Per the New York Times, an assistant principal at a middle school in Queens has been hospitalized and is on a ventilator in "the first serious case of swine flu in New York City." The incident has led to the school closing through next week, and two other schools nearby have also closed.

On the other side of the country, a woman in her late 40's has died of swine flu in Maricopa County, Arizona, per KPHO-5 in Phoenix. The county has more than 100 confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus, per EmaxHealth.

Twitterers in Queens and around New York City are interpreting their local case differently.

  1. Motivated
    MissMillions (Queens, N.Y.) Oh GEEZ! 3 schools in NY are being shut down due to H1N1 aka Swine Flu. Schools are: Susan B Anthony I.S. 238, Walter Crowley I.S 5, P.S 16
  2. Shawn Laurenceau
    ShawnzSoLoso (Queens, N.Y.) Swine Flu is all over Queens. Reports in Corona, Elmhurst & Jamaica. Lawd hammercy!!!
  3. Vernon Marshall
    Marshall34 (New York, N.Y.) Here we go again. Swine flu rears it's ugly face again. The strain has mutated again and has become more deadly.
  4. Kirb
    Kirb94 (New York, N.Y.) Because of swine flu I just got a call from my school that we have Monday off. Wooooo.
  5. $$Rubie$$
    SexyRubie (Queens, N.Y.) Swine flu outbreak 3 schools shut down one by house so wearing a mask now Queens is dangerous right now
  6. NewYorkology
    NewYorkology (New York, N.Y.) Four students have H1N1 plus one staff member "who is critically ill" - Mayor Bloomberg says of IS 238 ... 50 stdnts sent home w/flu symptms

Arizona Twitterers are discussing the spread of the virus in their backyard.

  1. Charlotte Risch
    crisch (Phoenix, Ariz.) Uuuggh. So its 1st az swine flu "death"!? Woman had underlying lung disease. When will this dumb story die!?
  2. cynthia gosney
    cgosney (Scottsdale, Ariz.) another co-worker has's closing in on us
  3. Steve Eastwood
    author1701 (Phoenix, Ariz.) Arizona's first - RT: @Maricopahealth: Maricopa County annouces 1st swine flu death *H1N1


Relentless rain continues on New Zealand's South Island

Per the New Zealand Herald, local officials are calling for no unnecessary travel and residents of New Zealand's South Island are being warned to watch for flooding, as more heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to hit the area today and tomorrow morning. The South Island has already experienced many consecutive days of rain.

Twitterers on the island are commenting on the storm:

  1. Paul Le Comte
    five15design (Dunedin, New Zealand) Seriously there's flooding everywhere slips on the hill roads. What a mess. Hmm San Diego right now v jealous!
  2. garyniemi
    garyniemi (Dunedin, New Zealand) more rain - yikes
  3. Kelli Johnson
    blondeklz (Te Anau, New Zealand) sitting at home watching the rain fall and fall. winter gotta love it, bring on summer haha
  4. Jock Hale
    jockh (Invercargill, New Zealand) out running in the wind, rain and cold, people are beginning to question my sanity. Only one more training run to before the 1/2 marathon
  5. Charis Robinson
    Charis_75 (Queensland, New Zealand) This is the longest spell of bad weather we've had since moving to QT. 8 days of rain now.
  6. Sandy Jefferies
    Pork49 (Moonlight, New Zealand) I didn't see the rainbow today just lots of heavy rain and hail after work.Some parts of the sky had bright blue sky.

@five15design of Dunedin also posted this TwitPic of students in the pouring rain:

"#Selwyn College student in 8C pouring rain off to do more drinking, as you do at Uni! Yeah I'm jealous?"