March 21, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Symmetrical scene in Moscow

"Тишина, только птички поют. Благодать. #podcon" "Silence, only the birds sing. Grace. #Podcon" (posted by @KulaPard, March 21, 2009)


Ireland wins rugby Grand Slam

Per BBC, Ireland overcame a 6-0 halftime deficit to defeat Wales 17-15 to win its first Grand Slam since 1948 in rugby on Saturday. England finished second in the tournament, France third and Wales slipped to fourth.

Ireland, Wales and #irewal have all soared to top terms in Twitter trends.

Here's some of the immediate reaction to the epic match from the British Isles:

@holyschmoke (Dublin, Ireland): @garthicus #irewal #6nations #rugby The nation will party tonight - it'll be Paddy's day all over but better!

@paulbuk (Letchworth, U.K.): Ireland won the grand slam after one of the most exciting games if rugby I have seen for a long time

@jonathangrimes (Skerries, Co. Fingal, Ireland): A generation of young rugby players have been truly inspired #irewal

@kevin_brown (Kent, U.K.): Wow. Exciting rugby match from Cardiff. Well done Ireland.

@dragozov (Laytown, Ireland): Congrats Ireland!I'm not a rugby fan, but know how much it means for everyone. #irewal


Four Canadians killed in Afghanistan

Per the Winnipeg Free Press, four Canadians died and eight were wounded after two separate attacks 40 kilometers apart in Afghanistan.

The soldiers were just days away from returning from service, according to the article.

Canadian twitterers quickly shared thoughts about the news.

@erindrawson (Ottawa, Ontario): we lost four more in afghanistan.

@elysiabrooker (Montreal, Quebec): 4 soldiers killed today in Afghanistan. What is it going to take for the government to wake up & withdraw. This war will have no "winner"

@StephenBlais (Orleans, Ontario): is very concerned about new CDN deaths in Afghanistan

@Bill_Owen (Ottawa, Ontario): 4 More Canadians killed in Afghanistan. 116 down, how many more to go? Why are we there again?

@ChrisLaBossiere (Edmonton, Alberta): Holy [expletive], I am [expletive] steaming. Four Canadians killed in Afghanistan (TODAY). APOLOGIZE NOW Fox.