March 21, 2009

Ireland wins rugby Grand Slam

Per BBC, Ireland overcame a 6-0 halftime deficit to defeat Wales 17-15 to win its first Grand Slam since 1948 in rugby on Saturday. England finished second in the tournament, France third and Wales slipped to fourth.

Ireland, Wales and #irewal have all soared to top terms in Twitter trends.

Here's some of the immediate reaction to the epic match from the British Isles:

@holyschmoke (Dublin, Ireland): @garthicus #irewal #6nations #rugby The nation will party tonight - it'll be Paddy's day all over but better!

@paulbuk (Letchworth, U.K.): Ireland won the grand slam after one of the most exciting games if rugby I have seen for a long time

@jonathangrimes (Skerries, Co. Fingal, Ireland): A generation of young rugby players have been truly inspired #irewal

@kevin_brown (Kent, U.K.): Wow. Exciting rugby match from Cardiff. Well done Ireland.

@dragozov (Laytown, Ireland): Congrats Ireland!I'm not a rugby fan, but know how much it means for everyone. #irewal

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