March 10, 2009

YouTube music videos blocked in U.K.

Per Times Online, YouTube will block British users from watching official videos from all major music publishers and independent labels.

The unprecedented action resulted when PRS for Music, a U.K. licensing body, and the popular video-sharing site owned by Google, Inc. failed to reach an agreement over a royalties dispute on Monday.

YouTube claims that PRS demanded a “prohibitive” hike in license fees, while PRS said that YouTube’s exponential growth meant that musicians were being paid considerably less per viewing under the old licensing agreement, according to the article.

U.K. Twitter users react:

@MyInfoMatrix (Manchester, U.K.): Bad news: shows music industry cannot adapt to the times

@minifig (Streatham, London): So Youtube are going to block all music videos to the UK on the label's request? Unlikely I'll ever see a music video again. I'll cope.

@janefinette (London): YouTube to block UK music videos - shape of things to come?

One Twitterer suggested an alternative to YouTube:

@CJDesignTweets (Undisclosed): YouTube to block music videos? Foolish --- bring on Hulu to the UK

MSN U.K. Entertainment, meanwhile, invited Twitterers to watch videos on their site instead:

@msnents: MUSIC: YouTube block music videos, so watch them on MSN's Music Jukebox...


Featured TwitPic: Dog at beach in Britain

"Daisy's early morning manoeuvres." (Posted by @markiechops of Northern England, March 10, 2009)


Italians knock off Canada at WBC

Per the Canadian Press, Italy upset Canada in the World Baseball Classic on Monday night.

One of the Italian pitchers in the game, Jason Grilli, does play for the Colorado Rockies. But the Canadian roster is stocked with major league all-stars such as Justin Morneau and Jason Bay, making the outcome a surprise internationally.

Canadian twitterers are a bit edgy about the loss.

@immy925 (Canada): the world baseball classic!! we weren't supposed to lose THIS early!

@PeterKash (Toronto, Ontario): I can't believe Canada lost 6-2 to Italy of all teams in the World Baseball Classic. I didn't even know Italians played baseball!!! lol haha

@Obiwankenobie (Hamilton, Ontario): The sports scene is as dreary as the weather! Canadian baseball team blown away by Italy, Maple laffs lose to Sens....going back to bed..

@MCBodyknock (Toronto, Ontario): So Canada Cannot play baseball what so ever. Good to know. Hopefully the next time we play Italy in soccer, we can do the same thing?

@mspratt (Undisclosed): crying about Canada's untimely demise the world baseball classic


Suicide bombing in Iraq kills 33

Per BBC News: Early reports claim 33 people, including local Iraqi military officials and dignitaries, were killed and 46 wounded in a suicide attack on Baghdad's west side, reported by BBC.

The attack targeted a group of Iraqi leaders as they exited a national reconciliation conference.

Although, violence in the Iraq has declined recently, this bombing marks the third major attack in the last few days, stated today by BBC News.

Picture courtesy of AFP

Twitter users in Baghdad hear the bombs explode:

davidsteven: (Baghdad, Iraq) Just heard another bang. Earlier bomb was a direct attack on the reconciliation process

@salam:(Baghdad, Iraq) .. and to add irony while I sit here listening to bombs going off left'n'right.. Iraqi tv is showing a report about how security is better

Twitter users around the globe comment on attacks and deescalation of American forces:

Gianmaria_V:(Turin, Italy) 33 peole died in a suicide attack in Baghdad. How far we are from a stabilization of Iraq? What will happen in the next days?

nishitd:(Bangalore, India) Suicide attack in Sri Lanka. Suicide attack in Iraq. Violent demonstrations in Kenya. What's up with the world???

jmp5329::(Phenix City, Alabama) Another suicide bombing in Iraq since O announced cut and run.... (sigh) children at play in DC #tcot

Bashar_Kokash:(Damscus) RT @afahad A chain of suicide bomb attacks rip through Baghdad after Rafsanjani's latest visit to Iraq, coincidence? I think not


Dalai Lama speaks out against China

Per the Associated Press, the Dalai Lama stated today in a speech in Dharmsala, India that Chinese rule in Tibet has led to a "hell on earth" and the only way to solve the issue is through peace.

The address came in front of thousands of supporters and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the failed Tibetan uprising that sent him into exile, according to the article.

Stephanie Nolen (@snolen), a South Asia correspondent for Canada's Globe and Mail based in New Delhi, attended the Dalai Lama's speech and live tweeted from it. Here's a sample of her tweets:

@snolen: #Dalai Lama - "Very few Chinese people have a true understanding about Tibet" due to deliberate misinformation by authorities

@snolen: #Dalai Lama - "I have no doubt that justice of #Tibet's cause will prevail iif we continue path of truth & non-violence."

@snolen: #Dalai Lama: "We must prepare ourselves in case #Tibetan struggle goes on for a long time."

@snolen: #Dalai Lama concludes by asking for peace for all beings

@snolen: the #Dalai Lama has left the temple in a swirl of monks and pipers and drummers and Tibetan flags

Someone watching coverage of the event by CNN in a nation that borders both India and China made this observation:

@sidne (Kathmandu, Nepal): CNN kept getting scrambled every time they mentioned Dalai Lama. Then cable went out completely. Coincidence?

Others in the Twitterserve noted the significance of today's date.

@Bin_Li (Beijing, China): 50 years ago, Chinese army invaded Tibet and force Dalai Lama to exile. Remember this date March 10.

@cireynolds (Chicago, Ill.): I find it odd that the exile of the Dalai Lama and Barbie have the same 50th anniversary date.

@sameetkumar (Florida): is sending thoughts and prayers for 50 years of sorrow, tears, and blood in Tibet.

@amp6 (Undisclosed): Happy(?) 50th anniversary of the Dalai Lama's exile (or "Serf Liberation Day," a title sure to win the hearts and minds of all Tibetans)