March 10, 2009

Italians knock off Canada at WBC

Per the Canadian Press, Italy upset Canada in the World Baseball Classic on Monday night.

One of the Italian pitchers in the game, Jason Grilli, does play for the Colorado Rockies. But the Canadian roster is stocked with major league all-stars such as Justin Morneau and Jason Bay, making the outcome a surprise internationally.

Canadian twitterers are a bit edgy about the loss.

@immy925 (Canada): the world baseball classic!! we weren't supposed to lose THIS early!

@PeterKash (Toronto, Ontario): I can't believe Canada lost 6-2 to Italy of all teams in the World Baseball Classic. I didn't even know Italians played baseball!!! lol haha

@Obiwankenobie (Hamilton, Ontario): The sports scene is as dreary as the weather! Canadian baseball team blown away by Italy, Maple laffs lose to Sens....going back to bed..

@MCBodyknock (Toronto, Ontario): So Canada Cannot play baseball what so ever. Good to know. Hopefully the next time we play Italy in soccer, we can do the same thing?

@mspratt (Undisclosed): crying about Canada's untimely demise the world baseball classic

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