March 10, 2009

Suicide bombing in Iraq kills 33

Per BBC News: Early reports claim 33 people, including local Iraqi military officials and dignitaries, were killed and 46 wounded in a suicide attack on Baghdad's west side, reported by BBC.

The attack targeted a group of Iraqi leaders as they exited a national reconciliation conference.

Although, violence in the Iraq has declined recently, this bombing marks the third major attack in the last few days, stated today by BBC News.

Picture courtesy of AFP

Twitter users in Baghdad hear the bombs explode:

davidsteven: (Baghdad, Iraq) Just heard another bang. Earlier bomb was a direct attack on the reconciliation process

@salam:(Baghdad, Iraq) .. and to add irony while I sit here listening to bombs going off left'n'right.. Iraqi tv is showing a report about how security is better

Twitter users around the globe comment on attacks and deescalation of American forces:

Gianmaria_V:(Turin, Italy) 33 peole died in a suicide attack in Baghdad. How far we are from a stabilization of Iraq? What will happen in the next days?

nishitd:(Bangalore, India) Suicide attack in Sri Lanka. Suicide attack in Iraq. Violent demonstrations in Kenya. What's up with the world???

jmp5329::(Phenix City, Alabama) Another suicide bombing in Iraq since O announced cut and run.... (sigh) children at play in DC #tcot

Bashar_Kokash:(Damscus) RT @afahad A chain of suicide bomb attacks rip through Baghdad after Rafsanjani's latest visit to Iraq, coincidence? I think not

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