March 19, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Snow falling at Warsaw memorial

"Snow at Memorial at Warsaw Ghetto Uprising" (Posted by @cape, March 19, 2009)


'Perfect Storm' To Hit By 2030

Per BBC: A growing global population will cause a "perfect storm" of food, energy and water shortages by 2030, Britain's chief scientist has warned.

By 2030 the demand for resources will create a crisis with dire consequences, Prof John Beddington said.

Prof Beddington said the impending crisis would match the present one in the financial markets, as reported by the BBC

Twitter users from all over the globe comment:

@SharathK:(Bangalore, India) Global crisis 'to strike by 2030' ! The word "crisis" scares me these days.

@gjr:(Hoxton, London) Global crisis 'to strike by 2030' - damn, I won't even be in retirement by then.

@gabgabgabby: (Undisclosed) FOOD AID ISN'T WORKING! Some food facts:By 2030 we'll need DOUBLE the amount of food produced 2 avoid world hunger. SELF RELIANCE IS VITAL.

@yellowbag:(SE1, London) listening to the chief science officer on BBC R4,world reaches perfect storm of disasters by 2030.there are just too many people around


Pope in Africa AIDS controversy

Per BBC News, Pope Benedict has sparked controversy by telling journalists that the use of condoms could endanger public health and increase the problem of HIV/AIDS during a visit to Africa.

The London Times reports that The Vatican has softened some of the Pope's language in the official account of the quote on the Vatican website, in an apparent attempt at damage control after several European countries (including France, Germany and The Netherlands) condemned the comments.

Twitter users have been largely critical of Pope Benedict's words.

@bilblogz (London, England) The Pope crawls out from under that slimy stone - comments on a reality he doesn't understand, then crawls back

@Sorokachan (Spain) Turns out the Pope said condoms "aggravate AIDS " while visiting Africa. The Vatican. Stopping people from thinking since way too long.

@stii (Cape Town, South Africa) "The evidence is considerable that abstinence-only programmes, are ineffective." WTF?! HIV is now airborn? :P #pope #condoms

@jichikawa (St. Andrews, Scotland) Are you serious, Pope? AIDS is a problem in Africa because there are TOO MANY condoms?

@thehollyhopdriv (Surrey, England) Congratulations to Pope Benedict, who should now be held partly responsible for the continued spreading of AIDS in Africa.

@thadd (Pennsylvania, USA) Pope in Africa saying condoms don't help AIDS crisis. Does he have any idea how many people he killed with those words? Fuck religious dogma

@andrew_rock (Brisbane, USA) This pope's utterances on condoms will kill hundreds of thousands, just like all before. These buffoons should be tried in the Haig.


U.S. journalists arrested by North Korea

Per the Los Angeles Times, two journalists from California-based Current TV have been arrested by North Korean authorities, while filming along the border with China. Canada's CTV reports that there is confusion about which side of the border the two American reporters were actually arrested on.

@timesworld (London, England) Reasons not to film North Korea, even from China -

@klustout (Hong Kong) Confirmed by my colleague Sohn Jie Ae in Seoul: US reporter Laura Ling detained in North Korea along with Korean-American Euna Lee.

Hong Kong reporter/anchor Kristie Lu Stout has been tweeting other information on the arrests as she gets it from her sources. Follow her to read the twitter updates.

@tvegard (Oslo, Norway) US expresses concern to North Korea over detained US journalists. Men hva gjorde de to fra Current TV i grenseområdet mellom NKorea og Kina? (But what were the two from Current TV doing on the border between NKorea and China?)

@gwendykrijger (Singapore) whilst i feel sorry for the two journalists captured in North Korea - what were they thinking ?!

@FloridaWhig Will US media cover D arrest of US reporters by North Korea? Will BHO say anything about this? He's on so much he should host D daily show

@Hacbarton (Pennsylvania, USA) % of South Korean youth who say their country should back North Korea in a hypothetical war with the US: 48%


Black Hawk helicopters circling Melbourne

Per The Age in Australia, Black Hawk helicopters have been flying in and around Melbourne in recent days for routine anti-terrorism military training. The exercises are expected to continue through March 24.

Twitter users in the area have taken notice in the last 24 hours. @doogsta of Melbourne posted this TwitPic of the Black Hawks in action:

Here's a selection of Melbourne tweets about the helicopters:

@martinwarren (Melbourne, Australia): Blackhawks flying over melbourne cbd and inner city again tonight are we being invaded

@downesy (Melbourne, Australia): Blackhawks are shaking my building (circa 1915) more than the freaking #earthquake. Are they doing aerial burnouts up there?

@miss_moo (Melbourne, Australia): hating the Blackhawks doing night maneuvers in the CBD and nearly flying into my apartment - shoo shoo go away...

@adam_hills (Melbourne, Australia): understand that blackhawks have to train but c'mon ppl! every 30 secs past the window!!

@indefensible (Melbourne, Australia): Exactly how long can BlackHawks fly without refueling? And by fly, I mean circle my [expletive] house.

@joel_birch (Melbourne, Australia): @catherineLd thanks. The blackhawks are really quite alarming. Can't hear myself read and my hair is currently swaying above my head.