March 19, 2009

Black Hawk helicopters circling Melbourne

Per The Age in Australia, Black Hawk helicopters have been flying in and around Melbourne in recent days for routine anti-terrorism military training. The exercises are expected to continue through March 24.

Twitter users in the area have taken notice in the last 24 hours. @doogsta of Melbourne posted this TwitPic of the Black Hawks in action:

Here's a selection of Melbourne tweets about the helicopters:

@martinwarren (Melbourne, Australia): Blackhawks flying over melbourne cbd and inner city again tonight are we being invaded

@downesy (Melbourne, Australia): Blackhawks are shaking my building (circa 1915) more than the freaking #earthquake. Are they doing aerial burnouts up there?

@miss_moo (Melbourne, Australia): hating the Blackhawks doing night maneuvers in the CBD and nearly flying into my apartment - shoo shoo go away...

@adam_hills (Melbourne, Australia): understand that blackhawks have to train but c'mon ppl! every 30 secs past the window!!

@indefensible (Melbourne, Australia): Exactly how long can BlackHawks fly without refueling? And by fly, I mean circle my [expletive] house.

@joel_birch (Melbourne, Australia): @catherineLd thanks. The blackhawks are really quite alarming. Can't hear myself read and my hair is currently swaying above my head.

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