March 27, 2009

Featured TwitPic: Concert in Frankfurt

"Was für eine Show! Wow" "What a show! Wow" (Posted by @2b_on, Frankfurt, Germany, March 27, 2009)


Brazil president blames 'white people' for global crisis

Per the Financial Times, Brazil President Lula da Silva stated that the global financial crisis was the cause of "white people with blue eyes" at a joint press conference with UK prime minister Gordon Brown.

Lula da Silva's comments were enough to stir up conversation on Twitter.

  1. Giuliano Peccilli
    jubakun (Brazil) A declaração do presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva de que a crise foi causada por "gente branca de olhos azuis" foi destaque na imprensa. (The statement of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva that the crisis was caused by "blue-eyed white people" were highlighted in the press.)
  2. Price Givens
    price_givens (Location undisclosed) This can't be good for me. Brasil president blames global crisis on white people with blue eyes.
  3. tsvnq
    tsvnq (Sydney, Australia) "White people with blue eyes caused global financial crisis: Brazil President" in SMH Comment: Greedy Bastards!
  4. Angela Witz
    awitz (Minneapolis, Minn.) Watching CNN...Did I really just hear Brazil's pres blame the global economy crisis and "White people. Blue-eyed people." Is it the 1930's?
  5. Ko Jodeci Jenkins
    kokupuff (Location undisclosed) Brazil's president is SNAPPING!! Global economic crisis is the fault of "white people with blue eyes" ->


São Paolo fire documented on Twitter

Per Globo News, five people were injured in a large fire that swept through factories in a somewhat residential area today in São Paolo, Brazil.

News of the fire began to spread on Twitter with this tweet:

  1. digoreisnet
    digoreisnet caralho, deu uma explosão foda agora #diadema #incendio ([expletive], [expletive] explosion now has happened #diadema #fire)

The tags #diadema and #incendio (fire) were subsequently used by other twitterers as the story developed and tweeple frantically sought more information.

  1. Larissa Brighenti
    larabrighenti #incendio O incendio está nas proximidades do Extra Anchieta - uma amiga q acabou de chegar,nos contou que a nuvem de fumaça é assustadora! (#fire The fire is near the Extra Anchieta - a friend has just arrived, told us that the cloud of smoke is scary!)
  2. Marcelo Sabino
    sabino que horas começou o incêndio em #diadema? qdo sai de casa eu ñ tinha visto nada =| (what time the fire started in #diadema? qdo ñ leaves the house I had seen nothing = |)
  3. Christina
    Teeeetchy #Diadema - Incêndio: Alguém sabe o nome da indústria química? (#Diadema - Fire: What the name of the chemical industry?)
  4. tiosamnews
    tiosamnews #Diadema : Antigamente era só industria. Casas foram sendo construidas ao redor e virou um bairro mixto. (#Diadema: Previously it was just industry. Houses were built around and turned into a mixed neighborhood.)
  5. lucasleite
    lucasleite Ta forte esse #incendio em #diadema hein (It's strong this #fire in #diadema huh)

@danilogordo tweeted a link to this video of the fire:


Obama Adminstration adopts new Afghanistan strategy

Per The Washington Post, President Barack Obama has laid out a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. The new strategy includes significant increases in military spending on the war, increasing aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion a year, and adding 4,000 military trainers and advisers from the 82nd Airborne Division. The new strategy has not been officially released by the Obama administration. The President will officially announce the changes at a NATO summit on April 3-4.

Per MSNBC's First Read the Obama administration appears to be minimizing the military aspect of the war. Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro raise the point that, "...this is a dramatic shift away from the philosophy some in the Bush administration pushed -- which was democracy for Afghanistan."

Public reaction on Twitter was mixed. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) was the only major elected official to tweet a response.

  1. ChuckGrassley
    ChuckGrassley (Iowa) Listning Prez on FOX anounce his Afhgan stategy Now it bcomes Obama War Not Bush war any longer
  2. Frank Canzolino
    FrankCanzolino (Elmhurst, Ill.) #tcot Obviously, Bush has won Iraq, allowing for troop reinforcements in Afghanistan, which we should begin calling Obama's war
  3. Kadiyah Davis
    Kadiyah (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.) Obama just announced that more troops and more money will be invested in the war in Afghanistan. What about our ECONOMY?
  4. Kurt  Bestor
    kbestor (Salt Lake City, Utah) Obama just presented plan for Afghanistan. Finally US using world community and diplomacy instead of only weapons. Women rights pushed .A+
  5. Mark Rush
    mrush909 (Location undisclosed) Is wondering why there is not the same outcry about extra troups going into Afghanistan as there was with Itaq.
  6. Darrin Jackson
    thisisnomad (Location undisclosed) Im watching the news. They are calling Afghanistan, Obama's war. WTF? They are tryn to dump all of Bush's mess on Obama. Rewrite History.
  7. Calminaion
    KingRobertIV (Louisiana) He's not commiting nearly enough troops; Thinks he can police pakistan and afghanistan


Olympic torch relay scrapped

Per Sky News Australia, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to end the practice of international Olympic torch relays.

The Associated Press reports the decision was taken at an IOC meeting in Denver, after protests in several locations during the pre-Beijing Olympics torch relay last year.

Twitterers from Hawaii to New Zealand - and Olympic cities like Athens and Munich weigh in:

  1. schwefl
    schwefl (Munich, Germany) no more runs for the olympic torch over the world, that might be the first good decision the ioc made since years.
  2. Simon HB
    norock (Milton Keynes, England) Olympic Committee decide to stop doing torch relays after the China protests. Rather than being more careful who gets chosen to host.
  3. Travis
    TravisDST (Hawaii, USA) Apparently the International Olympic Committee is banning torch relays because of the incidents in last year's.
  4. Stratos Safioleas
    stratosathens (Athens, Greece) No more international torch relay during the Olympic Games. It started with Athens and it ended with Beijing. #sportacccord
  5. Megan Rose
    vanrose (Oamaru, New Zealand) Completely forgot that I told everyone I was going to take up a sport and compete in the London Olympic Games. Really must get onto that.