March 28, 2009

Madonna Malawi adoption concerns

Per New York Times, Madonna has petitioned to adopt a second child from Malawi. The 14-month-old girl, named Mercy James, comes from the same orphanage as Madonna’s son, David Banda, 3, whom she met in 2006 and whose adoption was completed last year.

BBC News reports however, that charity Save The Children has urged Madonna to rethink the adoption process, saying the girl should be cared for by her extended family, and only taken abroad as a last resort.

The Twitterverse reacted to the news.

  1. Amanda Henry
    amjhenry (Malawi) Also, word on the street is that Madonna is in town.
  2. Avik Maitra
    avikm (Malawi) Yes, Madonna is here. No, I haven't met her yet.
  3. David Fox
    thefoxguy (Location undisclosed) And I don't understand why Madonna extended her tour thru summer and she wants to adopt another child? Stay home and be a mom!
  4. Patti Cooke
    PattiCooke (Texas, USA) Grandmother of Malawi girl wants to adopt her to stop Madonna from "stealing" her-
  5. Adam Kaveney
    adamkaveney (London, U.K.) Save The Children have "urged" Madonna not to adopt more kids. How bad a mother do you have to be for that to happen?
  6. Chris Frost
    frostfire (Location undisclosed) Should single mother Madonna be allowed to adopt again?
  7. Anja Illmann
    Mrs_Penguin (West Midlands, U.K.) What is Madonna trying to achieve when she adopts another child from Malawi? I think it's ridiculous.

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