April 11, 2009

French hostage held by Somalian pirates killed

Per the Guardian, Florent Lemacon, a hostage on a yacht hijacked by Somalian pirates, was killed as a French military operation to free the yacht backfired. Four other hostages were freed including Lemacon's wife and three-year-old son.

Radio France Internationale is reporting that French fire may have actually killed the hostage by mistake. An autopsy should be able to tell for sure, according to RFI.

Twitterers express their feelings and frustrations with the way this situation is being handled.

  1. Smoke
    SmokeRH (Netherlands) US almost has no crew on non-military ships. Commercial ships are being attacked and crew killed/taken hostage often.
  2. Wade Moline
    WadeHM63 (Michigan) What is with the libtards? They say sending in SEALS is too violent, why kill the hostage? NOT THE HOSTAGE DUMMIES, THE PIRATES IF NEEDED!
  3. Angus Batey
    angusbatey @ToureX (Hertfordshire, UK) board and overpower pirates before they kill hostage. When retaking an occupied building at least there's a nextdoor to start from.
  4. Keri McInerney
    kerimcinerney (Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia) Pirate hostage killed in front of son http://tinyurl.com/c3qpbc
  5. Captain Patch
    somaliapirates (Undisclosed) Did Bush Allow Pirate Attacks?: My friend responds to the previous post..... How do you stop the pirates. Bush c.. http://bit.ly/16n1p3

International news outlets are reporting on this tragedy.

  1. WSJ Europe News
    WSJEurope (Europe) French Hostage Killed in Pirate Rescue Attempt: A hostage was killed when French navy commandos stormed a sailbo.. http://tinyurl.com/dkx7zv
  2. AsiaOne
    sphasiaone (Singapore) French yacht hostage killed http://tinyurl.com/d2hdln
  3. guardian
    guardian (UK) [world] Hostage killed as French storm yacht held by pirates: • Four freed as two Somali pirates are kill.. http://tinyurl.com/dbrcyp

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