April 10, 2009

Somalian pirates stop captain's escape

Per New York Times, Captain Richard Phillips who was taken hostage on Wednesday when Somailian pirates hijacked his container ship, the Maersk Alabama, attempted to escape today by jumping into the Indian Ocean from "their slow-moving lifeboat".

Captain Phillips remained in the water for a short period of time before the pirates "hauled him back on board," per the Times.

U.S. Twitterers responded with their prayers and thoughts.

  1. Lindsay Clark
    nomadderwhere (Indianapolis, Ind.) The captain obtained by Somalian pirates is a best friend's neighbor. Lesson: pirates are crazy and REAL...and the Kevin Bacon law applies.
  2. Lee Lewis
    jubchuqun (Undisclosed) The Somalian Pirates renigged on their prisoner exchange and kept the American Captain. Duh! They're Pirates!
  3. Betty Nguyen
    bettynguyencnn (Atlanta, Ga.) A U.S. Captain held hostage by Somali pirates. He tries to escape but fails. What next - how should the U.S. respond?
  4. Paul Wayne
    pw9r (Seattle, Wash.) Captain Phillips tries to escape Somali pirates is recaptured. Somalia has a black shadow of shame hanging over its head.
  5. FlashBack1968
    FlashBack1968 (San Antonio, Texas) Please keep Captain Richard Phillips in prayer since he heroically put himself in harms way to save his crew.
  6. Lani McWilliams
    LaniThinksSo (New Orleans, La.) How can pirates call for back-up? Very scary. Prayers for Richard Phillips.

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