April 10, 2009

Italy mourns quake victims

Per CNN, thousands of people gathered today at a mass funeral to lay the 287 victims of Monday's earthquake in Central Italy to rest. The funeral was held outside an airplane hanger, due to fears of aftershocks that could create debris, at a town adjacent to L'Aquila, the town that was at the center of the quake. All area cardinals and bishops attended the funeral mass on Good Friday and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was also in attendance.

Twitterers are reacting to the unfolding events:

  1. Luca Belletti
    bitful (London, U.K.) Tv at gym shows Italy quake mass funeral images on tv. Life is fleeting, i shall live every moment of this weekend to the fullest.
  2. Giorgia  Ciriotto
    cirigio96 (Italy) Sono triste... La mia naz
    ione e' in lutto. Un tremendo terremoto ha colpito la regione dell' Abruzzo. I morti e i senza tetto sono tanti.... (I am sad...My nation is in mourning. A terrible earthquake hit the region of Abruzzo. The dead and homeless are so many...)

  3. dbevilacqua
    dbevilacqua (Milan, Italy) Mi sento vicino a tutti quelli che oggi hanno lasciato per sempre i loro cari, morti nel terremoto in abruzzo (I feel close to all those who have now left forever their loved ones died in the earthquake in Abruzzo)
  4. Davide Di Cillo
    DavideDiCillo (Oakland Park, Florida) reading about L'Aquila earthquake's numbers, 289 people lost their lives, almost 40,000 left their homes. My prays and thoughts go to them.

  5. MoDarling
    MoDarling (Greenpoint, New York) Just talking about Italy earthquake with my dad, a lot of my grandmother's family from that area. :(
  6. Roger Gagnon
    RogerGagnon (Toronto, Canada) Funeral services for Italy earthquake victims held outside; Churches not safe enough to use. So sad.

  7. Yasmine
    Yasmine1986 (Location not listed) Takin' a moment to reflect on this week, praying for the lives lost in Italy's earthquake.

Twitterers are still looking over the damage done to this small Italian town. @anbucco posted this TwitPic of damage:

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