April 10, 2009

Fiji placed in emergency rule

Per Radio New Zealand, military leader Frank Bainimarama was reinstated as Prime Minister on Saturday, regaining control of the government for the second time and placing a "firm grip" on his rule of the nation.

Public Emergency Regulations were put into place on Friday, effectively putting the nation in emergency rule in which all media organizations will be monitored closely by the government, per the article.

Few tweets from Fiji itself could be found, but one university student in Fiji's capital Suva downplayed the news.

  1. Bhavin Marvadi
    bhavinm (Suva, Fiji) RT @FijiLomalagi : http://twitpic.com/34n7b - Here's what "turmoil and chaos" look like in Fiji today!
  2. Bhavin Marvadi
    bhavinm (Suva, Fiji) @aMMPh Unharmed? You' talking like we're going to get killed or something. Intl.media has overhyped the real situation. We are perfctly safe

Twitterers in nearby New Zealand expressed their opinions on the developments.

  1. dominotheory
    dominotheory (Auckland, New Zealand) Yet another too-short coverage of a serious issue in Fiji on channel one news.
  2. Naca Nabunobuno
    lewavesi (Auckland, New Zealand) is appalled with the political monkey antics going on in Fiji...
  3. Scott Mayo
    toxaq (Auckland, New Zealand) Feeling sorry for Fiji. What a mockery of democracy.

Other Twitterers around the world spoke of the nation in tourist terms.

  1. BlueRidgeblog
    BlueRidgeblog (Valle Crucis, N.C.) Kinda ruins the vacation plans: RT @BreakingNews: BULLETIN -- FIJI'S PRESIDENT ILOILO DECLARES A STATE OF EMERGENCY &EXTENDS POLICE POWER.
  2. Jas Darrah
    jdarrah (Edmonton, Canada) Fiji is right now putting the banana in banana republic. Shame - another coup in one of the nicest countries I've ever visited.
  3. Stephen Megitt
    steeben (Toronto, Canada) really such a shame about Fiji. one of the nicest places i've visited, but, it is not without a tumultuous past. http://snipr.com/fnp1e

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