April 10, 2009

Israel's Iranian threats debated

Per The Daily Star-Lebanon, a debate arose within the U.S. administration regarding Israel's threats to carry out strikes as a means of leverage in future negotiations with Tehran. The debate arose after General David Petraeus, currently the chief of CENTOM, stated that Israel might strike Iran due to their nuclear sites and active nuclear programs before the Senate Armed Committee Hearings last week.

Yet, Vice President Joe Biden stated to Wolf Blitzer of CNN, that he didn't think that Israel would launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran based soley on the fact that Iran had nuclear programs running.

The debate soon spilled over to Twitter.

  1. Avi Abelow
    avirach (Efrat, Israel) Who voted for this guy? Signs that US Admin. under Obama looking for strategic partnership with Iran and dumping Israel http://bit.ly/Bqrz3
  2. JIDF
    JIDF (Jerusalem, Israel) US and Israel may fall out over Iran - The National Newspaper [del.icio.us] http://tinyurl.com/c7wjlm
  3. James Pyles
    jamespyles (Boise, Idaho) @MikeBoss ...but it may come down to the US under Obama embracing Iran and the Persian/Arab world and proving it by slam dunking Israel
  4. The Yellow Shark
    YellowShark (Bozeman, Montana) an excellent article on the difficulties and possibilities of unwinding tensions between #US, #Iran, and #Israel: http://is.gd/rt62
  5. Brian Coplin
    BrianINC (San Francisco, Calif.) Obama administration warns Israel, NOT!! Iran http://bit.ly/11n4e what are we doing? It just doesn't end the stupid acts just won't stop
  6. Vered Sharon
    VeredSharon (Silicon Valley, Calif.) Israel on US talks w/ countries like Iran that breed terrorism:Go ahead and talk. A bit cheeky. Will Obama pull something out of hat???

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