February 5, 2009

Beckham plans to stay in Milan

Per BBC, "David Beckham has confirmed he wants to secure a permanent move to AC Milan from his American club LA Galaxy."

The news has sparked interest across Europe.

@mitschmackes (Stuttgart, Germany): Ich kann verstehen, dass Beckham in Mailand bleiben will. Sein Ausflug nach LA ist ja nur eine peinlicher Marketing-Gag. (I can understand that Beckham wants to remain in Milan. His trip to LA is only an embarrassing marketing gimmick.)

Though not all are fond of his decision.

@BenTrebilcook (London, U.K.): I don't think Beckham truly understands the whole "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" environment in Milan.

@matt_holmes (London, U.K.): Let Beckham rot in LA with his £125m. Ah. That felt cathartic. Night

As of this post, there was not yet any reaction from Los Angeles or Milan area twitterers.

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